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Top 10 FAQS

How do I delete a Transaction?
You can delete a transaction by clicking the Red Delete button. To delete transactions at a line level, click the Delete icon. Note that completed transactions cannot be deleted.
How do I create a Customer?
Go to Customers | Add Customer or Go to Customers | View Customers and click Add Customer
How do I create a Purchase Order?
Go to Purchases | Purchase Orders | Add Purchase or Go to Purchases | Purchase Orders | View Purchases and click Add Purchase
How do I create a Purchase Order for a new Supplier?
  1. Go to Purchases | Purchase Orders | Add Purchase.
  2. Click Supplier Codes.
  3. Click Add Supplier.
  4. Complete the details and click Save.
  5. Go to the Purchase Order page and complete.
How do I get my current stock into Unleashed?


Note: You can only import Stock on Hand once per product.

  1. Go to Inventory | Products | Inport/Export.
  2. Import your products using the product import template.
  3. Once you have imported the product details, use the Stock on Hand template to import the stock on hand details.
  4. You must import the details manually into your integrated accounting provider.


Do I need to setup my currency rates before creating any transactions?

Yes, it is recommended to setup your currency rates for suppliers and customers before creating any transactions. This is because, Unleashed has default buy/sell rates and easy conversion options at the transaction level. Setting this up before creating any transactions ensures that you have the accurate stock values and margins.
When do I use the Settings module?
It is recommended that you complete all settings before importing data and performing data transactions in Unleashed. Setting up your Unleashed file correctly is an essential process to ensure that fields/categories you need to select for data entry are available and valid from the start. This also ensures that the Unleashed data matches your business process requirements. For example:
  • Set up your Currencies at the start including the default buy and sell rates. This will ensure that you can transact in any currency.
  • Set up your transaction prefixes including the prefixes and numbers to be used for transactions.
How do I add costs to Sales Invoices?
You can add costs (freight, labor etc.) to invoices using the Never Diminishing option. For more information, see Never diminishing products. Margins are correctly calculated for a never diminishing product when there is a value in the Last Cost field. This does not affect the Stock On Hand account.
How do I modify a completed Sales Order?
  1. Return the entire order via credit (you must select the Return checkbox for all rows).
  2. Clone the sales order and create the order with the required details.  
How do I set a Delivery Address to show up automatically?


You can set it up from a Warehouse or Customer.
  1. Go to Settings | System | Warehouses.
  2. You can enter an address for each warehouse that you create. Once this is set, whenever you create a purchase order and select the warehouse, the address entered for the specified warehouse is displayed.


  1. Go to Customers | View Customers and open the required record.
  2. Select the default delivery address from the Default Delivery Address drop-down list.
  3. Click Save.
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