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Change Log - 2021


Change Log - 2021

Monday 6th December

Business Intelligence (BI) - Additional content for BI notification rules 

With the new Targets and Tracking feature available to all BI Vision subscribers, we have now added a new field called "Date Periods" which will allow you to select the period (Month to Date, Year to Date or Last Month) to include in your BI Notification emails.

We also added more Content to select from and include with your BI email updates. 
The available content to include now are:

    • Context: Sales:
      • Gross Profit (KPI)
      • Gross Profit % (KPI)
      • Sales Revenue (KPI)
      • Top 5 Customers - Sales Revenue (Table)
      • Top 5 Products - Sales Revenue (Table)

    • Context: Transactions (Current):
      • Batches Expiring (Provides you with a count of batches expired and those batches going to expire in the next 30 days.)
      • Low Stock Alerts (Provides you with a count of low-stocked products similar to the transactions section available on the main dashboard.)
      • Open Shipments (An indication of all open shipments.) 

See here for more details.


Monday 29th November

Business Intelligence (BI) - Targets and Tracking

BI Vision Plus is a powerful extension to the BI Vision module and allows BI Vision subscribers to set Sales Revenue targets for the current financial year and to monitor year-to-date achievements through automated email notifications to specified recipients.

Watch the BI Vision Plus introduction video.

See here for more details.


Tuesday 26th October

Print Combined Picklist added to View Shipments page

To cater for shipments from multiple warehouses, the Combined Picklist can now be printed via the View Shipments page, which will base the bin location on the Shipment Warehouse.  The warehouse code has been added to the PicklistLinesGrid and will display the Order Warehouse when the Combined Picklist is printed from the View Sales Order page, and the Shipment Warehouse when printed from the View Shipments page.

API Update

modifiedSince has been added as a filter to the Warehouse Stock Transfers. 

See here for more details.


Monday 20th September

Bulk actions (B2B Portal) 

Product and Customer records in large numbers are handled and controlled better via bulk actions, within the B2B Portal.

See here for more details.


Monday 13th September

Business Intelligence (BI) 

A new easy date selection option is now available for [Last Year]. At the beginning of a new financial year, you can now easily see your achievements for the previous financial year by selecting the [Last Year] option from the date selection dropdown list, available on most BI pages.


Monday 6th September

ICC/Brexit fields added to API 

  • Brexit fields have been added to the GET SalesShipments endpoint
  • ICC fields have been added to the GET Products endpoint

See here for more details.


Monday 30th August:

API updates

  • Custom Sales Order Status added to Sales Orders
  • POST and PUT added to Assemblies 

See here for more details.

Monday 23rd August

B2B Portal Improvements 

Two improvements have been implemented to the B2B Portal and provide an overall better experience that includes:

  • A feature tour  
  • Changes to how options are organised in the left-hand menu to facilitate navigation

See here for more details.

Monday 9th August

Purchase Enquiry improvement

We have added a new filter 'Product Group' to improve your use of the Purchase Enquiry function. Please note that some of the other filters have been moved and are grouped into contextual columns.


Thursday 29 July

B2B Portal Improvements

  • Within Unleashed, the B2B Portal has been moved from the integrations page to the left-hand menu.
  • All Products and Customers are automatically exported from Unleashed to the B2B Portal.

Wednesday 7 July

Business Intelligence (BI - Vision) - Inventory - Stock age dimension.

We updated the function to exclude warehouse transfer transactions when calculating stock age. The updated condition for calculating the stock age now uses the latest transaction date on any of the following stock transactions: 

  • Assembly In
  • Product Added
  • Purchase Order Receipt
  • SOH Import

Monday 14th June

Brexit Information is now available on Packing Slips

Wednesday 9th June

International Shipping across multiple packages - Advanced Shipping Module (UK only)

Further improvements have been made to the Advanced Shipping Module. Now, when customers are shipping internationally with multiple packages, a new popup is displayed which provides users with the ability to split the contents across multiple packages.

Note: This only applies to UK subscriptions that have the Advanced Shipping Module added.

See here for more details.


Monday 31st May

Ship from Multiple Warehouses

We have improved our Sales Order process by adding a feature that allows you to ship from multiple warehouses. 

For details please see the help file or watch the introductory video:


Retrieve Customer Contacts - API

Customer contacts can now be retrieved from the Customer endpoint in the API. 

See here for more details.


Monday 24th May

Product Group filter added to Reorder Report

This is useful when you want to reorder for a particular product group.

Serial & Batch numbers added to the Commercial Invoice Template

Brexit Information is now available on relevant Doc Designer templates:

  • Invoices
  • Supplier Returns
  • Ship Note
  • Sales Orders
  • Purchase Order
  • Warehouse Transfers
  • Credit Notes
  • Packing Slip (due early June)

EORI numbers are added to the Company/Supplier/Customer groups.  Product customs information is added to the gridlines.  Incoterm and Nature of Transaction code, if available, are included in the Commercial Invoice Data group.

This is useful if you want to use your existing workflows and tailor your templates to include Brexit-related fields.


Monday 17th May

Add regions to zones - B2B Portal

B2B admins are able to add Regions to a Zone in B2B Stores, for the below countries:

  • Australia
  • Canada
  • New Zealand
  • Saudi Arabia
  • South Africa
  • US

See here for more details. 


Thursday 29th April

Display all Sales Order Line comments on Combined Picklists

You can now show all individual Sales Order Line comments on your combined picklists using the SalesOrderLineComments field in the PicklistLinesGrid in Doc Designer.

Tuesday 27th April

Create Invoice from Sales Shipment

A "Create Invoice" button has been added to the Sales Shipment page to assist with some Customer workflows:


Monday 19th April

Cost Totals added to Purchase Order Template

The following Cost related totals have been added to the "Other Data" group in the Purchase Order Templates:

  • Costing Sub Total
  • Costing Tax Total
  • Total Incl Costs


Monday 12th April

Data Exporter - Purchase Orders

The Supplier Product Code field has been added to the Products subset in the Purchase Order Data Source.

Zero rate tax on Sales Orders

The option to "Remove Tax" from Sales Order line items has been added to the bulk action cog.  This action will change the tax rate to 0% and assign the default supplied 'NONE' tax rate for the purposes of accounting software.


Tuesday 6th April

Promote products via email - B2B Portal 

Acting as an Admin in B2B, products can be promoted to customers through email notifications.

See here for more details. 


Monday 29th March

Specific Delivery Dates - B2B Portal  

Acting as an Admin in B2B, you can set particular days that products will not be delivered in, or specify a particular date range when products will not be delivered. 

See here for more details. 


QBO Single Sign-on

Intuit single sign-on will no longer be functional and will require customers to sign-in using 2-Factor Authentication. 

See here for more details. 


Business Intelligence (BI Vision only) - Update Customer dimension

The Customer dimension on the Customers page has been updated for the first 3 KPIs on the page, from a group by alphabetically view to an alphabetical grid view, showing the first 25 customers by default. This grid view includes additional fields such as Customer Code, Type, Currency, Sales Group, Sales Person, Last Sales Order, and Warehouse. Under the more options, you should be able to search and select for any of your customers and also select to view All customers. The list can be exported as a CSV file.

See here for more details.


Monday 22nd March

Business Intelligence (BI Vision only) - Upload of historical Sales data to BI

You can now import your historical Sales data to BI. This will allow you to view aggregated Sales revenue in BI from the first day using Unleashed.

See here for more details.


Wednesday 17th March

Reorder Report Enhancements

You can now create Assemblies, Purchases and Warehouse Transfers from the Reorder Report using the bulk action cog.

You can also filter the report by assembled or component product types. 

See here for more details.

Brexit Information added to the Invoice Template

If you want to use your existing workflow and tailor your Invoice Template to include Brexit-related fields, you will now find a "Commercial Invoice Data" group in the Invoice template toolbox.

Wednesday 10th March

International Shipping Requirements - Advanced Shipping Module (UK only)

To meet Brexit regulations and reduce the need for manual data entries, Customers who are sending international shipments (particularly between the UK, Northern Island & the EU) can enter customs country requirements via Unleashed. This includes EORI numbers, product customs information, trading terms and data for DPD to produce a digital commercial invoice.

Note: This only applies to UK subscriptions that have the Advanced Shipping Module added.

See here for more details.  


Monday 8th March

Standing Orders - B2B Portal

B2B Admins and Customers have the ability to add products to existing Standing Orders, edit the quantity of products in Standing Orders, and name a Standing Order when being created.

See here for more details. 


Monday 1st March

EORI Number added to Supplier

You can add your Supplier's EORI number to their Supplier record. This will auto-populate when creating Purchase Orders and Supplier Returns. This field is also available in Doc Designer under the Supplier Data group.


Wednesday 17th February

Freight Shipping Costs - B2B Portal

For B2B Premium and Premium Plus Subscriptions, flat-rate freight charges are now displayed at the checkout for registered and guest customers. These are based on the shipping rates set by the admin.


Shipper's & Receiver's EORI numbers added to Sales Shipment

The EORI numbers will pre-populate if present in the Company settings and the Customer records but are over writeable if necessary.

Commercial Value on Sales Shipment based on Sales Order

The commercial value on Sales Shipments is now based on the Sales Order amount and not the product's default sale price.

Business Intelligence (BI)

  • New timeline chart under Purchases (BI Vision only)

You are now able to also see the quantity purchased on the timeline bar chart.


  • Country drill-down into State/Region under Sales and Customers (BI Vision only)

The "State / Region" dimension was replaced by a higher "Country" dimension allowing the drill-down to State/Regions. This will allow you to easily see Top performing countries for the measure you selected and drill into the top State/Region for the country selected.

Drill into State/Region


Monday 25th January

Credit Note API - extended functionality 

Customers can now create Free Credits through the API.

This will allow customers to create and update existing orders and lines via PUT and POST instructions (as well as the current GET instructions).

See here for more details. 


Update posted Friday 22nd January

Released on 23rd November 2020:

Warehouse Transfer barcode scanning

Barcode scanning is now available for adding products to a warehouse transfer.


Released on 11th January 2021:

EORI Number added to Doc Designer Purchase Order

The company EORI number is available in the Company Data component for inclusion in the Purchase Order template.


Monday 18th January

Business Intelligence (BI)

  • Bookmark your filters and selections (BI Vision only)

You are now able to bookmark/save your selections and cross filter on BI Vision pages.  

See here for more details.


  • Search and multi-select/deselect (BI Vision only)

You are now also able to search and multi-select/deselect records on the Products and Customers dimensions in BI Vision. 

Go to the Customers or Products dimensions, click on the "More Options" menu on the top right-hand side to access this function.

See here for more details.


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