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Change Log - 2020


Monday 7th December

Premium Live Chat Add-On

Currently, customers in UK, Europe, the Middle East and Africa can purchase the add-on Premium Live Chat, which provides them access to live online chat with Unleashed’s Customer Engagement team between the hours of 8:30am-5:30pm.


Business Intelligence (BI) - Search and multi-select / deselect (BI Vision only)

You are now able to search on dimensions and multi-select/deselect records in BI Vision. (Excluding the Customers and Products dimensions - which are in development.) 

Click on the "More Options" menu on the top right-hand side of a dimension to access this function.

See the Search and multi-select section for more detail


Thursday 3rd December

Commercial Invoice addition

Economic Operators Registration and Identification (EORI) number

If the ICC feature is enabled in your configuration:
Add your EORI number (Shipper's EORI) to your Company or Warehouse details page.
Add your Customer's EORI number (Receiver's EORI) to your Customer record.
Your Customer's EORI will pre-populate to your Sales Order but can be overwritten if necessary.

The Shipper's and Receiver's EORI numbers are available for use in the Commerical Invoice template under the Commercial Invoice Data component.

For further information, see our help page International Commerce Codes.

Business Intelligence (BI)

New KPI for BI Vision Sales - Units Sold

A new KPI tile has been added to the BI Vision Sales page, called "Units Sold", allowing users to now also see the number of units sold for the period selected. The timeline chart and dimensions below will show quantities sold. 



Monday 23rd November

B2B - Stock Improvements 

Stock - Availability

The quantity of products available to ship is displayed on the main Products page (in both grid and list view), as well as in the Product Details page. 

Stock - Warehouse Breakdown

The stock available is displayed per warehouse on the Product Details page for customers on Premium and Premium Plus subscriptions. Note: multiple warehouses will need to be enabled. 


Stock - Estimated Time of Arrival 

The stock available is displayed per warehouse on the Product Details page for customers on Premium and Premium Plus subscriptions. Note: multiple warehouses will need to be enabled. 


See B2B Portal - Unleashed Configuration

Annual Subscription of Modules 

Users with the appropriate role permissions can purchase Modules on an annual subscription. Note: the base subscription must be an annual frequency to do this.  

See Annual subscription of modules

Import/Export Assemblies

Users can export existing Assemblies into a CSV file, import new Assemblies, or update existing Assembly line information back into Unleashed. 

See Import Assemblies and Bill Of Material


Business Intelligence (BI) - Dashboard permissions

BI permissions can be set per Role per BI context. When role permissions for a BI context are removed then that default KPI will now also be removed from the BI Dashboard for that Role. The item for this hidden BI context will now also be hidden on the side menu under Business Intelligence.


Monday 16th November

Custom Statuses for Assemblies

You can now add customised statuses to your Assemblies process. The statuses can be configured in the Settings | System menu and used in the Assemblies creation screen, as filters and in Assembly Reports. 

See Assembly Statuses


Custom Statuses for Sales Orders

You can now add customised statuses to your Sales Orders. The statuses can be configured in the Settings | System menu and used in the Sales Order screens, as filters and in Sales Reports. 

See Sales Order Statuses


Bulk change Sales Order status

The bulk action on the View Sales Order page now includes the option to bulk change Sales Order status:

Wednesday 4th November

Bulk Complete Sales Shipments

You can now bulk complete Sales Shipment from the View Shipments page with the addition of bulk actions "Create Invoices" and "Dispatch".
See View Shipments.


Share Custom Grid Layouts

You can now share your customized grid layouts with your colleagues.  See Customizing Grid Layouts.


Wednesday 28th October 

More Options Menu in BI Vision's Dimensions

Each dimension in BI Vision now has a "More Options" menu for additional functionality. 

  • The default view is Showing Top 25.
  • The function allows users to adjust the number of records to display in the affected dimension with the option "SHOW ALL" to list all values if there are more than 25 records in the results.
  • Export to CSV allows users to download the contents within the dimension. 


Print Documents Option in View Sales Order

The Print Documents option has been enhanced to clearly display all available print options in the View Sales Order page.


Shared Purchase Order Costings 

Purchase Order costs can now be assigned to multiple orders with one command, and the “Add Shared Cost” option has been added to the bulk actions cog. 

Details can be found here.


View Customer Page - Ship Note Template Added

Ship Note is now displayed for each customer in the Customer > View Customers > Details screen, which is imported from Doc Designer.  

Details can be found here.


Wednesday 14th October 

View Customer Page - Options Added (in hidden list)   

Two new options have been added to the hidden column list in View Customers page:

  • Last Order Date - displays the last date the SO was created by the customer
  • Sales Group - displays the Sales Group that the customer is assigned to

Details can be found here.


Update in Customer Import 

The following fields can be removed when importing Customer changes:

  • Sales Group Name
  • Delivery Method
  • Default Warehouse 

Important: To prevent accidentally removing the values for these columns, ensure that the original values are exported first.


Updates in Doc Designer  

  • Purchase Cost Lines can be added to the Purchase Order Template.
  • The Combined Picklist has been added as a template. 


Supplier Lead Time added to Product 

Lead Time is available on the Product Supplier page. This is an editable field and is populated, by default, from the Supplier record if present.

Details can be found here


Monday 12th October 

Two-Step Authentication (2SA)   

Unleashed is taking steps to make the system more secure for its users by confirming their identity using a combination of 2 factors:

  • something they know
  • something they have 
  • something they are

With this, 2SA will be gradually rolled out to users in a phased approached and enforcing its adoption by 26th November 2020. 

Details can be found here


Monday 5th October 

B2B - Multiple Customer Contacts   

This feature supports B2B Store Owners by providing them with the ability for Admins to send invites to multiple contacts within a specific organisation. Once set-up, multiple employees will have access to the B2B store and will have the ability to place orders under their own account credentials.

For more information about B2B - Multiple Contact Logins, please see the help files.


24th September 

Business Intelligence (BI) Foundation and Vision - Production Contexts  

The Business Intelligence Production Context is now available. It consists of both BI Foundation and BI Vision pages containing aggregated values relating to Completed Production/Assemblies records from Unleashed Core.

For more information about BI Production please explore the Business Intelligence section.


17th September 

Business Intelligence - Page Improvements

To further enhance user experience, improvements have been made on the BI Pages.

  • In BI Foundation and Vision - Sales, Customers and Purchases pages, Date Range selection updated to a dropdown.
  • In BI Vision - Sales and Customers pages,
    • KPI Panels display arrows reflecting changes compared with prior period.
    • Timeline charts (appearing below KPI Panels) display current and prior period's values
    • Custom date range behaviour update. If the customer date range entered is 01/06/2020 to 26/06/2020, BI will compare values with the same date range of the prior period (previous year) which is 01/06/2019 to 26/06/2019.


9th September 

Sales Orders in the View Assemblies Page

Sales Orders associated to Assemblies are displayed in the View Assemblies Page. This makes cross-referencing of Sales Orders to Assemblies easier for users. 


Serial and Batch number tabs in Product Pages 

Serial Numbers or Batch Numbers tabs are available from the Product Page if the product is serialized or batch tracked. Details can be found here.


31st August

Assigning the oldest Serial or Batch Numbers in Shipments

The bulk action to assign the oldest Serial or Batch Numbers to shipments is now available on the View Shipments page and the Shipment Lines Grid. 


24th August

Business Intelligence Tooltips and KPI Title

  • BI Vision Sales' Tooltip for State/Region has been updated.
  • BI Foundation / BI Vision Inventory's KPI for Open Purchases has been updated including the tooltip for "Value of open purchase orders".


Warehouse Transfers - API Post and Put

Allows the ability to create and edit Warehouse Transfers via the API using POST and PUT instructions. For more information, read more here.


10th August

Serial and Batch (S/B) Numbers in Sales Orders and Sales Invoices

S/B Numbers are now available on the first page of Sales Orders and Invoices. This makes it easier for users as information they need is on the first page or instance of the product.


S/B Numbers in Picklists and Combined Picklists

S/B Numbers are now printed in the picklist itself. If a combined picklist is to be printed, each Sales Order is clearly defined to easily identify its product contents and their corresponding S/B Numbers.


For more information about S/B Numbers in Sales Orders, Sales Invoices, Picklists and Combined 


4th August

Business Intelligence (BI) Foundation and Vision - Australia

The following pages are now available in the mentioned region:

  • New Dashboard (Users can still switch back to Classic Dashboard)
  • BI Foundation
  • BI Vision (Can be accessed via subscription)

For more information about the BI Module, please see the Help Files page.


3rd August

B2B Payments

B2B Premium Store Owners can set their store up to enable payments from both registered users and guest users.  

Payments are mandatory for guest users, while registered users can place orders on their account.  

More information on setting this u


3rd August

B2B Payments

B2B Premium Store Owners can set their store up to enable payments from both registered users and guest users.  

Payments are mandatory for guest users, while registered users can place orders on their account.  



B2B - 'Out of stock' customisation

B2B store owners can select the status that is displayed for 'Out of stock' products.


International Commerce Code (ICC) 

Unleashed allows you to create a customs compliant Commercial Invoice for your international trading by adding commerce codes and country of origin to your products as well as other relevant fields when shipping. 



Global Search

The Global Search functionality in Unleashed has been enhanced so that the following fields are also included when looking for matching items:

  • Shipment
    • Transaction Number and Tracking Number
  • Sales Quote / Sales Order / Credit / Purchase Order / Supplier Return
    • Transaction Number and Customer/Supplier/Credit Reference 
  • Product
    • Product Code, Product Description and Barcode
  • Supplier / Customer
    • Code and Name
  • Bill of Materials
    • BOM Number, Assembled Product Code, Assembled Product Barcode, Product Description,
  • Assemblies
    • Transaction Number
  • Stock Adjustment / Warehouse Transfer 
    • Transaction Number

29th July

Business Intelligence (BI) - Purchases Context

The Purchase Contexts is now available in BI. It consists of both Foundation and Vision pages containing aggregated values relating to Purchase Orders (POs) and Supplier records from Unleashed Core.



21st July

Country Address Validation

When entering Country values in Unleashed addresses, they will be checked against valid ISO Countries. This will ensure that new records to be saved in the system will have correct values. 

For imported values, if there is an incorrect country value, it will still be accepted by the system; however, when the user updates that record, the country value will be validated against ISO Countries.


Delivery Instructions in Sales Orders and Sales Quotes

When delivery instructions are changed in a Sales Order or Sales Quote, these will be reflected back in the Delivery Instructions of the Customer's address record. 


Data Exporter - PO’s as a data source

Reports can be customised using POs as the data source within the Data Exporter. 


14th and 15th July

Business Intelligence (BI) Foundation and Vision - New Zealand and Rest of World Release

The following pages are now available in the mentioned regions:

  • New Dashboard (Users can still switch back to Classic Dashboard)
  • BI Foundation
  • BI Vision (Can be accessed via subscription)


13th July

Edit Source & Destination Warehouse for Parked Assemblies  

Enables Warehouses to be edited for Parked Assemblies and Sub-Assemblies, and includes editing Warehouses at different stages of production and Warehouses in different locations.


6th July

B2B Store - "Sold Out" label replaced with "Out of Stock" label & is now configurable 

The “Sold Out” label has been removed and replaced with an “Out of Stock” label, which doesn’t allow items to be added to the cart that are “Out of Stock”. It also enables changes to the text of the toggle under "Product Details".


22nd June

Automatic Batch and Serial Number Assignment - Shopify

Users with Shopify store(s) and batch/serialised products will be able to make the system automatically assign batches and/or serial numbers to orders, which will reduce the manual steps of the order-fulfillment process.


16th June

Can Assemble Quantity in the Product Update Page

When viewing Product Details, the “Can Assemble” Quantity can be displayed when the “Assembled Product” option has been turned on. 


10th June

Import and Export Pages - Layout Standardisation

The following pages have been updated to standardise the layout and functionality:

  • Purchase Orders: Import and Export
  • Inventory > Transactions: Import Stock Revaluation
  • Inventory > Products: Change Codes - Batch tab
  • Inventory > Products > Markup Price Update > Import: Product Price Markup Import
  • Sales > Quotes: Import Quotes
  • Sales > Orders: Import Sales Orders
  • Customers > Change Codes - Batch tab
  • Suppliers > Change Codes - Batch tab


9th June

Business Intelligence (BI) Foundation and Vision - North America (NA) Release

The following pages are now available in the mentioned region:

  • New Dashboard (Users can still switch back to Classic Dashboard)
  • BI Foundation
  • BI Vision (Can be accessed via subscription)


8th June

Product links added to Purchase Orders

Hovering over the product code on a Purchase Order line displays a pop up with information for that product based on the purchasing Warehouse.  Clicking on the Stock On Hand or Available Quantity will open the Stock on Hand Enquiry.  Clicking on the Allocated Qty will open the Product Allocations report.  Clicking "On Purchase" will open the Purchase Enquiry.  Hovering over the calendar icon will display the next delivery date. Clicking on the product code will open the Product Details tab.


3rd June

Email Templates and Automated Notifications 

Email Templates for transactions can now be defined in Unleashed. These templates can be used for manual emails and when automated notifications are enabled.


2nd June

Business Intelligence (BI) Foundation and Vision - North America (NA) Release 

The following pages are now available in the mentioned region:

  • New Dashboard (Users can still switch back to Classic Dashboard)
  • BI Foundation
  • BI Vision (Can be accessed via subscription)


20th May

Product Description in Stock Adjustments 

Product Description column is now available in the Stock Adjustments grid. 


18th May

Business Intelligence (BI) Foundation and Vision - UK Release 

The BI Module consisting of BI Foundation and Vision is now available in the UK Region. 

BI Foundation has replaced the previous Unleashed Dashboard. This new Dashboard shows KPIs which can be further detailed by clicking the "Explore more >" link. 

BI Vision gives users a more in-depth view of each KPI. 



Product Notes from Unleashed to B2B Store 

We have improved the mapping between Unleashed and the B2B Store. The UNL to B2B mapping now allows B2B store owners to pull Product notes linked to a product in UNL and display them in B2B, either as a product title or as product description. 


Updates on Purchase Enquiry

The following columns have been added in the "Hidden Columns" section of the Purchase Enquiry grid:

  • Currency Code
  • Exchange Rate
  • Supplier Invoice Date
  • Sub Total (based on Account's currency)

Currency code has also been added in the header for the following columns:

  • Sub Total
  • Landed Cost and Costing Total - using Base Currency


Email in Trial Accounts

A message has been added when using the Email functionality in Trial Accounts as this is only available for paid accounts. 


15th May

Export as an XLS file 

XLS has been removed from the File Export options.


4th May

Improvements to QBO Exports

We have now added a scheduled job that will look for transactions that failed to export to QBO to help you make sure both your systems have the same information. In case there are any, you will see an entry in the notification menu in the upper right corner of your screen, from where you will be taken to the screen where you can manage those exports.


29th April

Bulk download and print product labels

Instead of product labels being printed in separate PDFs, the option to bulk select and download them in a single PDF is now available.


22nd April

Business Intelligence (BI) - Tours and Tooltips 

Context Tours are now available to guide the user when navigating through each BI page. 

Tooltips have been updated to describe how the KPI was derived. 


14th April

BOM - ‘Add’ button implemented for Assembly/Disassembly 

A new ‘Add’ button is available in the top right of the screen which allows users to add an Assembly or Disassembly when in the BOM. 


6th April

Advanced Shipping Module

Users in the UK can now connect to DPD and issue shipping labels directly from within Unleashed through the Advanced Shipping Module.

This is a paid to use module that will streamline their shipment/order fulfilment process.

Other carriers and regions will be added regularly, so make sure to check the Change Log often.


24th March

Multiple Supplier Contacts

Users are now able to save multiple contacts for their suppliers. This is very handy when there are several contacts for purchasing activities.

Contacts are integrated with Xero and QBO if the Supplier Update is selected.


9th March

Label Printing Enhancements

In addition to fields in the Doc Designer for label printing, Sales Data information can be included in labels:

  • Completed Date
  • Order Number
  • Order Date
  • Order Quantity


3rd March

Supplier Quantity Price Breaks (SQPB)

For each product, "special supplier prices" can now be added. If a supplier has a "special price or discount" for a product based on the order quantity, it can now be saved in Unleashed. 

This means that when a purchase order is created and the minimum quantity is met, then the "special price or discount" is automatically applied - no need for manual adjustments in the order.


24th February

Permission for Mobile Sales App

The "View all SalesOrders" permission in Unleashed will now allow users in the role to see all sales orders on the app, not just the sales orders of their customers.


3rd February

Comments column in View Sales Quotes, View Sales Orders and Invoice Enquiry 

Comments column is now available in the mentioned grids. It can be added in the grid by selecting it from the Hidden Columns selection.


8th January

Ability to Sort by Header in Assemblies

You can now sort the columns (ascending or descending) in your assemblies by clicking on their headers. 

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