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Change Log - 2016


23 November

  • Unit column is added on the grid to display Unit of Measure of each product for the following pages.
    • Add Bill of Materials
    • Add Assembly
    • Add Disassembly
  • Doc Designer: You can add the Bin Location field to a Sales Order template.

21 November

  • Create supplier returns for purchase orders with added costs

16 November

  • Adding supplier returns or credits - A message will be displayed if there are existing records.     

14 November

  • Updated Invoice Enquiry report - Added the following fields:
    • Average Margin
    • Total Value 
    • Include Credits checkbox
    • Margin column
    • Transaction Date drop-down list 

07 November

  • The Dashboard can be configured to display details for the Financial Year.
  • You can obsolete a Bill of Materials
  • The Tracking Number, Shipping Company, and Comments fields can be edited after a sales shipment is dispatched. 
  • API updates

25 October

18 October

  • Doc Designer: Sales Order and Ship Notes templates
    • You can add the Quote Number field to the Sales Order and Ship Notes templates.
    • This field is available in the Other Data section of the toolbox.
  • Multiple customer contacts
    • You can add more than six contacts to your customer record. 
    • The first six contacts including the default will be exported to the integrated accounting provider.
    • For more information, see Add new Customer.

12 October

  • Print combined picklist for multiple sales orders
    • Select multiple sales orders and use the Bulk Actions cog to print the combined picklist.
    • For more information, see Manage and view sales orders.

10 October

  • New API Endpoints
  • Add Product page
    • On Purchase Qty and Next Delivery Date is displayed on the Details tab.
    • For more information, see Create Products.
  • You can now un-obsolete customer and supplier records. 

3 October

  • Never Diminishing products on a Purchase Order
    • Add never diminishing products to your purchase orders.
    • Specify an expense account to use when purchasing Never Diminishing products.
    • For more information, see Never Diminishing Products.
  • Multiple images on Doc Designer templates
    • Upload multiple images to your Unleashed account.
    • Include images uploaded to your Unleashed account in Doc Designer templates.
    • For more information, see Company Settings.

26 September

  • You can now clone a product directly after saving it.

21 September

  • View Receipt button added to the Purchase Order page.

19 September

  • Show loading animations on all update pages.
  • Improvements to the Stock Adjustment page (Starting cursor positions, enter/return key + more).

7 September

  • Ability to Bulk Assign Batch and Serial Numbers to Sales Orders on the View Sales Order page or on the Order Lines.
  • Bill of Materials sorting now follows through to Assembly (i.e. product code).
  • User can now use Enter/Return key on Free Credits to add products.

29 August

  • Multiple Customer Contacts
    • Add multiple contacts to a customer in Unleashed.
    • Integrate contacts with Xero using the new option on the configuration page.
    • See the Customer Help File for more detail.
  • Batch Complete now available on the View Orders page!

22 August

  • Batch Numbers Enquiry
    • Added Customer, Supplier and Warehouse in the pop-up.
  • Restyled the View Customers and Sales Order pages to avoid big areas of white space.

15 August

  • Shopify Integration
    • Integrate Unleashed with your Shopify store to pull Sales into Unleashed and push stock levels to Shopify. See Shopify Integration for more detail.
The Shopify Integration is only available to Medium and Large plans.


1 August

  • Integration Store
    •  Improvements to how we display all our offerings in the Integration Store.
  • Stock Counts
    •  You are able to Print Variance even after a stock take has been completed.

25 July

  • "Freight and Charges" feature release
    •  This new feature for the Sales module provides the ability to add charges separate to products.
These charges will not form part of the margin calculation.
  • See Freight and Charges for more information.
  • API
  • Reporting
    • Charges information is now included on a multiple number of Unleashed reports.
  • Accounting export data
    • When an Unleashed Invoice or Credit is exported to your accounting provider (i.e Xero or QuickBooks), the charges are added to the invoice and credit note. 

  • Importing and exporting charges on sales orders
    • Export Sales Orders and Credits and view all of the lines on the order or credit.
    • For more information, see Freight and Charges.

20 July

  • Tasks Menu
    • A new tasks menu has been introduced to allow for longer running tasks to process in the background.

18 July

  • Product Import/Export
    • If Per Warehouse Controls is on, a new tab is available providing the ability to import Bin Location, Minimum Stock Level and Maximum Stock Level per Warehouse.
    • See Inventory Details tab.
  • Sales Order, Print
    • Using the Print button, it is now possible to print associated Invoices as well as the Sales Order.
  • For Purchases and Supplier Returns, we have removed the population of username into the cc field on the email dialog.

11 July

  • Salesforce Integration
    • The Salesforce Integration tile on the integration store now points to the AppExchange.
  • Batch Enquiry Export now has expiry date and sales transactions consolidated.
  • Calling code added to the registration pages.
  • Menu now stays open when switching between modules.

4 July

  • Import/Export
    • Changed the message that is displayed when uploading images to a product.
  • Wording update on the credit card page
  • Removed intermediate dialogs
    • This is for Customer/Supplier selection when creating Sales or Purchase Orders.
  • You can use the Enter key to activate Add button
    • This can occur from any add-line fields when adding a product to a Purchase or Sales Order/Quote.

13 June

  • Show outstanding items that need to be shipped and invoiced on invoice printouts.
  • New Unleashed Partners can sign up even if they have signed up previously with a free trial Account
    • This means that if an email already exists and the existing account is a trial, then the trial is deleted and the partner registration can continue.
  • Export Serial Number Report
    • You now have the ability to export the data in the Serial Number Report. You can now export to CSV. mceclip0.png
  • Order Management is now switched on by default for all new customers.mceclip2.png

30 May

  • Enhanced View Products page
    • Unleashed have now simplified the View Products page by:
      • Adding a thumbnail image to the image column.
      • Changed the order of columns so Unit of Measure goes after Qty on hand.
      • Removed ability to scroll on the grid.
  • Batch Number Enquiry Report Export additions
    • Unleashed has added an 'Export' action on the Batch Number Enquiry. mceclip3.png
  • Invoice Date field change for Xero Integration
    • For the Xero integration, we have removed the 'Order Date' option in the Invoice Date field, the user can still view Invoice Date Field. However, if they select 'Completed Date' the option is hidden.

23 May

  • Add Currency Code to the Supplier Endpoint (API)
  • Stock Turns on Reorder Report
    • On the Reorder Report, a stock turn is only calculated if you do not select a warehouse in the Warehouse filter.

16 May

  • New Product Reference tab
    • Unleashed have now added a References tab on the Product page which shows where the product is referenced, so customers can see why they cannot delete a product. This includes; Sales, Purchases, Quotes, Credits, Stock Take, Stock Adjustments, Bill of Materials etc. The Product Reference tab only includes open transactions.
  • New tool tips on the KPI Dashboard

    1. Annual Stock Turns

    2. Average Days to Sell

  • Text on the Dashboard for Batch Expiry was 'View All', now changed to 'Run Batch Number Enquiry' 

  • Open Assemblies and Open Stock Counts have been added to the Transactions Dashboard

  • The Reorder action now includes an alert filter when creating a Purchase Order
  • New Password Requirements

5 May

  • New Supplier Price Books feature
    • Supplier Price Books allows you to purchase products from multiple suppliers.

28 April 

  • New Trial data
    • We have streamlined our Trial data to be more generic.
  • Negative prices on Credit Notes

    • Previously, you could not complete a credit note that contains negative pricing. This has now changed, Unleashed now allows you to have negative prices on Credit Notes. As a result, you can now make the value the same as the Invoice.

21 April

  • Disassembly
  • Disassembly provides more flexibility around your manufacturing/assembling processes. It works by allowing you to reverse the assembly process.  
  • Sandbox
  • Unleashed Sandbox provides you with the ability to create a copy of your organization in a separate environment. This environment allows you to develop, test and learn without compromising the data in your live Unleashed production account.

New and refreshed color palette on the Unleashed Dashboard.

14 April

7 April

  • Ability to add and view Sales Quotes from the Add Customer page. 
    • New Add Quotes button on the Add Customer page.
    • A new Quotes tab on the Add Customer page.
The Add Quotes button and Quotes tab are visible only when the Sales Quote feature is enabled.
  • Ability to support spaces between characters when entering in serial and batch numbers.
  • New Warehouse filter option 'All' on the Reorder report page. Statuses now include;
    • All, and
    • any pre-configured Warehouse Names that are in your Unleashed system.
This filter is only available if the Per Warehouse is turned on.

31 March 

  • New design update on the Report Run button.

23 March 2016

  • Changes to Batch and Serial assignments on Sales Orders.

17 March

  • Ability to toggle sales data (either completed orders or invoices) on dashboard
    You can now specify what sales data you want to display on your Unleashed dashboard (Profitability, Activity and Margin). You have the option to toggle between completed Sales Invoice data or completed Sales Order data. You can change this setting on the Company Settings page in a new drop-down menu called Dashboard Data Source.
  • For more information, see Company Settings and Dashboard.

25 February 

  • Unleashed Reports & Enquiries have default run disabled.
  • Ability to export Serial and Batch Numbers via Product Import/Export page.
  • Product page update.

18 February

  • Product Page Updated
    The design of the page when editing a product has been updated to be more user friendly. Fields have been arranged in a way that makes more sense and the allocated total has been added.=

11 February

  • Import results email now includes file name
    Emails that are sent with the status of an import now include the filename of the file that was just imported; this is applicable for all the imports in unleashed.
    The purpose of this improvement is to avoid confusion when importing multiple files at the same time.

4 February

  • Filters can now initiate a search when the Enter key is hit on a filter field; this occurs on all View pages

28 January

  • Import Serial and Batch Numbers
  • Serial Numbers in Production
    • We have introduced the ability to use serial numbers with our Production module. This enables you to use serialized products and build serialized products in assemblies.
  • Backorder Enquiry has new tabs ('Sales Order' and 'All' tabs)
    • These new tabs provide the ability to report on backorders either per Customer or Product.
  • New Exchange Rate changes
    • The Exchange Rate in Unleashed will now be sent to Xero for Supplier Returns and Credits.

21 January

  • There are new Serialized and Batch Tracked columns added to the Import Stock On Hand and Import Product CSV files. 
  • Export Serial and Batch Numbers via the Product Export and Stock On Hand Export function.

14 January

  • Stock Count Improvements
    • New improvements to the Unleashed Stock Count feature which enables you to create and view stock counts in Unleashed quicker and more easily than ever before. 
  • Adding a Search Code field on the QuickBooks Transaction page
    • This change includes a new filter field being added to the QuickBooks Transaction Summary page (Export Data tab). This filter allows you to perform a search for a specific transaction code, this could be sales, purchase orders, journals etc anything that has been exported. This provides you with a more efficient search option that can quickly locate exports.

7 January 

  • Product tour - When new customers sign up, they now have the option to take a product tour. For existing customers, they can access the product tour via the Setup Wizard.
  • Removed the Search button from Unleashed View pages.

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