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Change Log - 2015


17 December

10 December

  • Available for all plans
    • Show backordered quantity on Sales Order print-outs
    • Adding Discount field to Sales Quotes and Sales Orders
    • Quickly Create Customers on the fly
    • Enhanced Unit Sales Report
    • Import/Export products and Stock On Hand all on one page
    • Allow Customer Addresses to be chosen as a delivery address on a purchase order
    • Show breakdown of auto-assembled products on a document
  • For new plans only
    • Change purchase costs
  • For Medium and Large Plans only
    • Modifying Assemblies on the fly
    • Attach files to Products

For more information, see December Improvements.

3 December

  • Copy and paste from the grid
    • Ability to select and copy-paste multiple cells.
  • Improved trial data
    • New and improved trial data that provides better transactions, products, customers and supplier data for you to test. 

12 November

  • An 'All' option has been added to the Warehouse filter on the Stock On Hand Enquiry page.
  • Ability to convert your trial data on a new subscription.
  • For more information, see See Changes - 12th November.

5 November

  • Ability to extend your Demo trial for 14 days further by clicking the Extend your Trial link. 

29 October 

New feature

  • Assembly Costs
    • You can associate external costs to your components for selling assembled products.
    • For more information, see Assembly Costs.

Other changes

  • Add Exchange Rate field to the Add Purchase page.
  • Add Sales Order Customer Reference field filter and column to the Shipment Enquiry.
  • Onboarding gadget displayed for new customers.
  • For more information, see Changes - 29 October.

22 October 

  • Assign serial and batch numbers to sales orders 
  • Delete demo data 
    • For a new demo account, you can insert and clear your demo data from the top navigation bar.

14 October

1 October 

  • 'Did you know' function
    • During the registration process, we now have some fun and interesting 'Did you know' facts about Unleashed.
  • Navigation hierarchy
    • Page title will take up less space.
    • Allows you to navigate back to the parent page, e.g. when you are in a sales order, you can now click on the navigation hierarchy link to view all sales orders.
    • Page title on the tab now shows the page item, i.e. SO-000056. This is useful if you are using multi-tabs.
    • For more information, see Changes to UI.

17 September 

  • Ability to clone Sales Quotes available for all subscriptions.
  • New columns (located in Hidden Columns) in the Product Allocation report:
    • Customer Name
    • Order Required Date
    • Customer Reference

3 September 

  • The all new Per Warehouse Controls feature allows you to set up minimum and maximum levels for your product on each of your warehouses. These levels can trigger alerts shown on the dashboard and the Reorder report (i.e. high or low alerts).
Per Warehouse Control is only available for Medium and Large plans. 

20 August 

13 August 

  • When exporting Credit Notes to your accounting provider, both the invoice/order number and customer reference are sent to the exported reference field.

4 August 

30 July 

  • The all new Batch Number Tracking feature allows you to track a batch of products from creation to sale. Batch Tracking can be used with any assembly in Unleashed; this enables continuous monitoring of a component or ingredient throughout the product lifecycle. 
Batch Number Tracking is only available for Medium and Large plans. 
  • Jersey, Guernsey and the Isle of Man are now included as countries in your Unleashed Settings.
  • We have added a new Notification Center to keep you up to date of all the new changes going on!
  • Medium plans will now have API access.

16 July 

9 July 

  • Annual Pricing
    • You now have the option to subscribe annually, for more info, see Annual Plans FAQs 
  • New Graphic Changes for Status Lozenges

25 June 

  • New User Interface
    • New user interface with a brand new look and feel, all aimed to enhance your experience!

18 June

  • API Improvement
    • You can search a Customer Contact Email or a Supplier Contact Email to return a list of customers or suppliers.  
  • New imperial and metric weight/measurement options

4 June

14 May 

7 May 

30 April 

21 April

  • New Tax Changes
    • We have introduced some new tax changes to help streamline the way we use taxes. To find out more, click on New Tax Changes.

13 April 

New feature

  • Serial Number Tracking
    • The Serial Number Tracking feature allows you to store serial numbers in Unleashed and attach them to related products. 
    • Serialized Products is only available for Pro, Business, Enterprise, Medium and Large plans. 


  • Reorder lines on Purchase Orders using the action cog
  • New Costing tab
    • On the Add Supplier page which allows you to send purchases to a costing supplier.

30 March 

  • You now have the ability to use discounts in your Purchase Orders (POs). This includes Purchase Order Discount field and columns available in the Create Purchase page. For more information, see Discounting.
  • Bulk action cog for sales orders and invoices.

13 March 

19 February 

  • Change in exchange rate sent to Xero
    • For Purchases and Sales Invoices we now send the exchange rate entered in Unleashed to Xero. Previously, it would pick up the rate inside of Xero, but now it uses the exchange rate you set in Unleashed for each transaction. This should help keep your stock on hand levels in sync. Xero. Previously, it would pick up the rate inside of Xero, but now it uses the exchange rate you set in Unleashed for each transaction. This should help keep your stock on hand levels in sync. 

    • For  more information, see Exchange Rate Change - 19 February 2015.

  • A new help file has been added to address the issue of how to get around any residual value issues.

  • The partner portal page has new information relating to your customers, this includes; Number of Users, account type, version type etc.

10 February 

  • The Invoice Enquiry page has the following filters:

    • Salesperson
    • Sell Price Tier
    • Delivery Address (of Sales Order)
    • Customer Type
    • Sales Order Group (of Sales Order)
    • Warehouse
    • Plus a new 'Total' column on the grid.

This change is in line with other report layouts in Unleashed —such as the Margin Enquiry— and provides you with a consistent and detailed report experience.

  • Completed purchase orders now show the 'Supplier Invoice Date' on the Add Purchase page whenever you update an existing purchase order.
  • Magento Go support has been removed.

2 February 

  • Two new columns on the View Purchase page: Sales Order Number and Purchase Order Comments
  •  Users can now delete a Document Designer template, even if it has been used before. A warning message displays to confirm the deletion if is linked to existing transactions.
If you delete a template, then transactions will use the default template!
  • A new on boarding and data conversion service that is available for new customers. 
  • Enabled new user based value pricing for new clients and upgrades.

13 January 


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