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Change Log - 2014


23 December 

4 December 

  • Vend integration now has improved processing times.
  • New and improved Inventory module Help file.

25 November 

  • World-wide beta release of our Beta QuickBooks integration.

23 October 

  • New Purchase module Help provides illustrated workflow examples/process diagrams and more detailed functional descriptions.
  • New purchase processes added to the Processes Diagram section.

20 October 

  • Text label in the Document Designer can now be resized and wrapped depending on user requirements.
  • Import Product CSV now fails if the product is obsolete.

6 October 

  • New Help engine for the Unleashed Help Center (UHC) and Unleashed Learning Center. 
  • New Sales module help pages provides illustrated workflows examples/process diagrams and more detailed functional descriptions.

15 October 

  • QuickBooks US beta release (private beta).
  • Updates to data import pages.

10 September 

  • Vend Integration release now available for everyone (full GA release).

1 September

  • 4 Decimal Place (4dp) for Unit Prices.
  • Ability to import Sales Quotes.
  • New Setup Wizard page - update to look and feel of the page.
  • Xero Integration Enhancement, which includes;
    • Xero Configuration, Export and Import pages all move to the Integration Configuration screen.
    • New and enhanced Xero configuration page.
  • QuickBooks integration - currently available in beta for Australian and USA businesses only.
  • Ability to send completed Purchase Orders to our API; it creates the transaction automatically in Unleashed (just like you can for Sales Orders).
  • New FAQs section in the Unleashed Help Center.

18 July 

  • Sales Invoicing feature
  • Enhanced UI for;
    • Magento configuration page
    • Vend configuration page
    • New Default Invoice Date field (Company Settings | Invoicing tab) which, allows you to select from two invoice date options that you want the invoice date to default to.

15 July 

Vend integration has a new and improved integration page. This provides you with an enhanced user experience, which includes:

  • In-line Help to guide you through the integration process, step-by-step.
  • The ability to easily sync your required settings
  • Ability to drag and drop your outlet stores and warehouses
  • Optionally turn on and off required settings
  • Ability to manage your data quickly and easily.

24 June 

  • Magento Sales Imports now use Magento Invoice Date rather than Order Date
  • Length of label in Document Designer is extended.
  • New Sales Quote Enquiry page, this will provide you with the ability to maintain and filter sales quotes.

17 June 

  • The My Accounts page now hides canceled accounts. Simply, click tick to display these if required.

6 June 

  • For the Magento integration, the date given to the transaction in Unleashed now uses the invoice date in Magento, instead of the Order date.Magento integration, the date given to the transaction in Unleashed now uses the invoice date in Magento, instead of the Order date.

4 June 

  • New Sales Quotes feature which includes two new pages for Add Quote and View Sales Quotes.
  • Also the ability to save an invoice template as a sales quote template in Document Designer.
    All of these features can be access via the Sales module.
  • New Sales Quote and Sales Order alerts displayed in the Transaction section of the Dashboard.

26 June 

  • Delivery Addresses displayed on the Sales Order page previously had a limit of 500 delivery addresses, now there is no limit.
  • In Sales Orders, the line tab is titled: Order Lines.
  • Sale Quote available to Partners to use before general release.

1 May 

  • Ability to check and un-check the return column on all lines in a Supplier Return or Sales Credit
  • Added a Role Permission to make sell price on sales order read only (Unit Price)
  • Sales Price Tiers have been added to the Document Designer invoice template. You can access this in the Components list for the invoice line grid.
  • Added a Order Status filter to the Batch Complete page
  • Bin Location column has been added to the Sales Enquiry report page, by default this is located in the hidden columns field.
  • Ability to change password within the application
  • When removing products from the sales or purchase order line grids, the line numbers are now regenerated.
  • Integration pages have been re-styled.

15 April 

  • New Help system is published, enabling easy to use, structured dynamic content.

11 April 

3 April 

  • Vend Multi-Outlet to Multi-Warehouse integration update to the Beta release of the Vend integration.
  • Barcode field length on a product increased from 20 to 200 characters
  • The Stop credit functionality will now stop invoices from being raised for customers on stop credit.
  • Country 'Korea' changed to be 'South Korea'
  • Bank number field on Supplier changed to support all formats
  • Added Customer Address details and Phone Number to View Customers page
  • Added bin location to the Sales Enquiry page
  • Added pagination to the Purchase Order endpoint in the API
  • Ability to add roles on the fly when setting up Role Permissions
  • Style and minor layout changes made to the UI.

20 March

  • A Comments field has been added to the View Assemblies page. By default this is located in the hidden columns field.
  • Page Access has been renamed to Role Permissions and the User Interface has been enhanced.

6 March 

  • When upgrading from demo the API key will be cleared.
  • Renamed Sales Invoice to Sales Order.
  • New role permissions to hide margin and profit figures from sales pages.
  • Sales accounts on products are synced with vend products.
  • Address used when creating a Magento Customer now switched around Billing now becomes Postal. Shipping now becomes physical.Magento Customer now switched around Billing now becomes Postal. Shipping now becomes physical.

25 February 

  • Markup Price Updates
  • Sales Allocate/Deallocate

11 February 

  • Order Management button located on Sales Order pagehas been renamed to ‘Order’.

15 January 

  • Product Price Tier changes

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