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How to see Customers that have Stop Credit enabled


Add the Stop Credit column to your View Customers page to see which Customer records currently have the Stop Credit setting enabled. 

Add Stop Credit to the View Customers grid layout

  1. From the main menu, go to Customers and click on View Customers.

  2. Click on Show Toolbar, above the grid's layout.

  3. Click on Hidden Columns and a list of additional column headers will show in a pop-up window. 

  4. Drag and drop the Stop Credit header from the Hidden Column list into the grid's header row.

  5. Click on the Stop Credit header to sort the Customers by the Stop Credit status.

    • Tick icon: Stop Credit Enabled
    • Blank: Stock Credit disabled

  6. Alternatively, drag the Stop Credit header above the grid's header row to group the customers by their Stop Credit status. Use the plus icon next to each grouping to expand the view and see the customers listed. 

    • True: Stop Credit enabled.
    • False: Stop Credit disabled. 

Tip: You can save the custom view as a default or share it with your team for future use, for more details, see How to create and share default grid layouts.

Use the Export dropdown button in the top right of your View Customers page to generate a PDF, CSV or XLSX copy of the listed customers, including any columns added to the grid's layout. 

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