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What is a Value-Only Stock Adjustment?




A Value-Only Stock Adjustment is used to alter the Average Landed Cost of the products which you have Stock On Hand for. This is beneficial if your Stock on Hand levels are correct, but their pricing has been skewed, e.g. through a Stock Count. 



This will ensure that that the quantity of your stock is not affected. Before completing the Stock Adjustment, review the Average Landed Cost section on the far right hand side of Unleashed, to ensure this is the outcome you desire. 



  • Navigate to Inventory | Transactions | Stock Adjustments
  • Select Add Stock Adjustment in the top right corner
  • Add in your desired product to this adjustment.
  • This product will have a quantity of zero and a Value totalling to your required amount.
  • Complete your Stock Adjustment. 

Additional Information:

If you are integrated with an accounting software, this action will affect the Cost of Goods Sold. 

Why do Products Show 0 Value on a Stock Adjustment?

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