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Why is there a Difference between my Stock On Hand Enquiry in Unleashed and my Stock Balance Sheet in Xero



  • Unleashed on Browser 
  • Xero Integration


Values may not be matching can be due to many reasons and can be hard to determine exactly why they do not match, however, some of the common reasons are:

  • The systems were not matched at the initial setup (variance from the start)
    • Check the opening balances in Xero and in Unleashed.
  • Transactions were manually deleted in Xero
    • Check the 'export data' tab for a full total variance.
  • Manual journal entries added to Xero
    • Check for manual journals not coming from Unleashed.
  • Journals that have not been approved in Xero
    • Check 'drafts' in Xero and approve.
  • Journals have not been sent across to Xero
    • Check the 'Export data' tab, run a reconciliation to find missing transactions.
  • Dates have been changed on the 'Dispatched date' (Shipments) and/or the 'Supplier invoice date' (Purchase order).
    • Check journal dates and compare to Unleashed.
    • Find last time SOH matched.

Additional Information:

The reconciliation page for all journals and transactions that are sent across to Xero will need to be used to perform a weekly or monthly reconciliation. 

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