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Why is there a Difference between my Stock On Hand Enquiry in Unleashed and my Stock Balance Sheet in Xero



  • Unleashed on Browser 
  • Xero Integration


Values may not be matching due to many reasons and can be hard to determine exactly why, however, some of the common reasons are:

  • The systems were not matched at the initial setup (variance from the start)
    • Check the opening balances in Xero and in Unleashed.
  • Transactions were manually deleted in Xero
    • Check the 'export data' tab for a full total variance.
  • Manual journal entries added to Xero
    • Check for manual journals not coming from Unleashed.
  • Journals that have not been approved in Xero
    • Check 'drafts' in Xero and approve.
  • Journals have not been sent across to Xero
    • Check the 'Export data' tab, run a reconciliation to find missing transactions.
  • Dates have been changed on the 'Dispatched date' (Shipments) and/or the 'Supplier invoice date' (Purchase order).
    • Check journal dates and compare to Unleashed.
    • Find last time SOH matched.

Additional Information:

The reconciliation page for all journals and transactions that are sent across to Xero will need to be used to perform a weekly or monthly reconciliation. 

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