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Am I Able to Increase the Storage Capacity on my Unleashed Account?  



The customer engagement team can most definitely assist in increasing the storage capacity of your Unleashed account. Please note, this limit is only on the attachments that are imported on product records. There is no limit whatsoever on the number of products, customers, suppliers, transactions you create.   

Unleashed has a soft limit of 1 GB on attachments that can be uploaded on product records. We can increase this size, 1 GB at a time, up to 3 GB.

If you exceed 3GB storage as well, you may need to buy extra storage if needed. However, please contact us here at support to discuss this further, should that be the case. 

Additionally, it is recommended to take steps to maximize the use of this extra space within Unleashed. For example, you could use lower resolution images in your account, or remove any unused data if possible. 

Additional Information:

[Internal Knowledge Only]

  • There is no current process of charging this so the service is currently free at this point in time, however, this may change in the future.
  • This must be done on our end within Unleashed in the Feature list. See Evernote for more details.
  • Last time I checked (with Matt O'Grady) we hadn't received the exact cost from our DB vendors so its difficult to quote the exact price for extra storage. While we do intend to keep a size limit on our client accounts, if a customer would require more than 5 GB of space it should be discussed with the product/dev/management team so that we can provide the same at a reasonable cost.
  • As of archiving the old data, unfortunately, we do not have this function as an active or obsolete record will still hold up space in our database. 
    Hence, if you have previously used products, customers or suppliers which have some transactions linked to them, you will neither be able to delete them nor archive them in Unleashed. However, you can delete the attachment against them to reduce their size. 
    For data that you never really used in any transaction, I would recommend you to export them out of Unleashed in a CSV file (and download their attachments as well) to free up some space in your account. 
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