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How to enable serial tracking for a product with Stock on Hand


If a product exists in your inventory and already has stock on hand, it can still be enabled for serial tracking.

NOTE: A product can only be enabled for serial tracking if it is not currently included on any open transactions. To review the product's open transactions, go to the Reference tab in the product's record. Either delete or complete the any existing transactions or remove the product from the transaction before proceeding.

Enable serial tracking for a product

  1. From the main menu, select Settings, Company and go to the Configurations tab. Ensure the Serialized Products option is toggled ON and select Save. 

  2. Go to the product's record and in the Type section of the Details tab, click on the Serialized toggle (turns green).

  3. If the product already has stock on hand a pop-up window, Serialized - Stock On Hand, will appear. The window will display a summary for the stock on hand quantity requiring serial numbers.

  4. List the Serial Numbers for the existing stock on hand quantity in the Add Serial field. Use a comma or line break to separate each Serial Number. 

  5. Click on Add Serial button to upload the Serial Numbers, then click Save to allocate them to the existing Stock on Hand

  6. The product record will update to assign the Serial Numbers to your existing stock on and and they will be available to review in the Serial Numbers tab in the product's record. 

For more details, see Serial Number Tracking.

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