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How to Create a Never Diminishing Product



To create a never diminishing product for non-stock based components e.g. Shipping fee, Freight charge and etc. 



    1. Navigate to Inventory
    2. Click Products
    3. Click Add Products
    4. Under the Details tab, fill out the necessary product details 
    5. Under Type, select the Never Diminishing as 'on'
    6. Click Save

Additional Information:

The Purchase Account field will be displayed. If you want to purchase a Never Diminishing Product, you can select a value from the Purchase Account drop-down list.  

If you have integrated with an accounting provider, the Sales Account and Expense Account fields will be displayed. If you add Never Diminishing products on a Bill of Materials, Assembly, or Disassembly, you must select a value from the Expense Account drop-down list.


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