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What Dates can I Choose for Sales Invoices to be Sent to Xero?



What Dates can I Choose for Invoices to be Sent to Xero?


  • Unleashed on Browser 


 Default Invoice Date: Enables you to either select from two invoice date options that you want the invoice date to default to, and then display on all invoices created in Unleashed. An invoice is exported to Xero on the date it gets completed in Unleashed.

You have the Order Date and Created date options when exporting to your accounting provider.

  • Order Date: Defaults to and displays the date that the order was created in Unleashed.
  • Created Date: Displays the order date that the invoice was created.

Please note that you can find the "Order Date" within the Invoice page:

If you require the Invoice and Order date to match, then our recommendation would be to create the Order then Complete it on the same day. This process will however depend on your business workflow and may not be suitable in some cases. 

If neither of the default options are suitable, then you are able to change the date to suit against your Invoice within the "Invoice Date" field. This will then take preference. 

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