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How can I reverse / undo a completed transaction in Unleashed?


To put it simply, there is no way you can reverse or undo a completed transaction in Unleashed.

As Unleashed is capable of providing auditable logs dating back numerous years, we cannot allow for completed transactions to be modified after the fact, as this would encumber your own reliability with respect to auditing. 

But, in saying this, mistakes always happen. 

Due to how we handle stock values, what matters is that we can undo the effect of the transaction. 

Here are some example situations and their equivalent solution. 

Processed a Sales Order/Invoice/Shipment incorrectly? How to process a Credit Note.

Processed a Purchase Order/Receipt Incorrectly? How to process a Supplier Return

Assembled incorrectly? Perform a stock adjustment: Add used assembly components back into stock while removing assembled products.

(work in progress!)

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