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How to create and share default grid layouts


Create custom layouts for your Enquiry, Report and View pages in Unleashed. Set them as a default for your own login and share them so that other users can review that page as you do. 

  1. In your Enquiry, Report or View page, select the Show toolbar tab, displayed on the right above the column headers.

    2. Select New, from the toolbar buttons available.

  2. Provide a name for the new grid layout in the Add New Grid Layout pop-up window, for the layout you're wanting to create. For instance "Invoice Progress"

  3. Adjust and re-arrange the headers included in the layout, to suit your requirements. Click Hidden Columns from the toolbar and drag and drop any additional columns that you want to include in your view. Similarly, drag and drop any columns you want to remove from the layout into the Hidden Columns window. 

  4. In the toolbar, tick Default to make this layout the version that automatically populates whenever you open the page. Tick the Shared checkbox if you want the layout to be available for other users on your account.

  5. Click Save in the toolbar to save the layout and the adjustments that have been made. 

Additional Information:

If your layout is saved as Shared, other users can view the layout by selecting it from the Grid Layout dropdown menu, in the Show Toolbar tab. Other users cannot save the shared layout as their own default, but they can replicate it and save the replica as a default. To do this, follow the below steps:

  1. In the same page, select Show Toolbar. In the Grid Layout dropdown menu, select the Shared layout. 

  2. Select New and provide a unique name for the layout. This will save the shared layout as a layout on your own user account.

  3. The newly saved layout can then be ticked as Default



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