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How to create a Shipment without completing a Sales Order


With the Order Management configuration setting enabled, create a shipment for a Sales Order to manage the picking, packing and dispatching of your inventory, without needing to complete the whole Sales Order. This means you can manage the Invoices on a Sales Order separately to the Shipments, providing more flexibility and control in your Sales processes.  

Create Shipments for Sales Orders

Create a shipment for the total ordered quantity, directly from the specified Sales Order:

  1. Open the Sales Order.

  2. In the Order dropdown menu, in the top right, select Create Shipment.

  3. A Sales Shipment will be created in Parked status, including all Order Lines and quantities from the Sales Order.

  4. The Sales Order will update to include the Shipment in the Shipments tab.

Creating and dispatching the Sales Shipment will not update the Sales Order to completed status. A Sales Order will only update to Complete status if all products and charges have been invoiced and dispatched. 

Create partial Shipments for Sales Orders

If only a portion of the ordered quantity in a Sales Order is ready to be shipped and dispatched, create a Shipment specifically for the selected products:

  1. Open the Sales Order.

  2. Use the checkboxes in the Order Lines tab to select the products due to be included on the shipment.

  3. Hover over the Action Cog in the Order Lines grid and select Ship.

  4. A Sales Shipment will be created in Parked status, including only the selected products.

  5. In the Sales Shipment, use the Set Order Status as checkbox and drop down menu to update the Sales Order's status when the new Sales Shipment is saved. 

Any new Sales Shipments created for the same Sales Order will only populate the remaining order quantities, to avoid duplicate allocations of your ordered products. 

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