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How to create an Assembly for a Product in a Sales Order


Create Assemblies for products on order, directly from the Sales Order page. Use the Assemble action cog to create an Assembly for both auto-assembled and manually assembled products, as and when required.

By creating an Assembly directly from the Sales Order, the Assembly will automatically populate the Assembled Quantity from the Ordered quantity and you will have full traceability of the Assembly's progress from the Sales Order too. 

Create an Assembly from a Sales Order

For any product that is due to be assembled in Unleashed, ensure it is enabled as an Assembled product, under Type in the product's record. For more details, see Create Products: Details tab.

  1. Navigate to the open Sales Order, requiring an Assembly for a product.

  2. Use the checkboxes in the Order Lines grid to tick and select the product lines, requiring an Assembly. 

  3. Hover over the Action Cog and select Create Assembly.

  4. A pop-up window, Create Assemblies, will appear. The window will display a line per Assembly being created.

  5. Edit the Source Warehouse, Destination Warehouse and Assemble By fields to suit your specifications for each Assembly. The Assemble Quantity is populated from the Sales Order's un-shipped order quantity. 
  6. Select Create Assemblies.

  7. The Create Assemblies window will update to include a link to each newly generated Parked Assembly, in the Assembly Number column. 

  8. In the Sales Order, an orange exclamation point icon will show in the order line to confirm a Parked Assembly is linked to the Order Line. 

The Parked Assemblies can be completed by any of the following actions:

  • Select Complete in each individual Assembly transaction.
  • Tick the order line's checkbox in the Sales Order and click the Complete Assembly option in the Action Cog.
  • Complete the Sales Order.

For more details on creating and managing Assemblies, see Add Assemblies & Sub-Assemblies

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