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How to bulk update the Receipt Quantity in a Purchase Order


Use the Action Cog icon in a receipting Purchase Order to bulk update each product line's Receipt Quantity. 

When a Purchase Order has been selected to Receipt in Unleashed, each product line will show a Receipt Quantity field. The Receipt Quantity field shows the number of units you are going to add to your inventory when the Purchase Order is receipted or completed. 

If the "Auto Set Receipt Quantity" setting is enabled in your Company Settings, by default the Receipt Quantity per product line will automatically populate with the Purchase Order's order quantity. But if this setting is disabled, the Receipt Quantity will populate as zero and will need to be updated to align with the quantities received upon delivery, prior to receipting the Purchase Order. 

Update the Receipt Quantity to the Ordered Quantity

To update all Receipt Quantity fields of a Purchase Order's to match their order quantity, hover over the Action Cog icon in the Receipt Quantity header and select "Set All To Ordered Quantity".

Update the Receipt Quantity to zero

If a Receipt Quantity has pre-populated in a Purchase Order or has been counted incorrectly, use the Zero All Quantities option in the Receipt Quantity Action Cog to remove all counts and start again. By manually updating the Receipt Quantity per order line from zero, you can ensure an accurate Receipt Quantity and therefore a reliable stock on hand update upon receipting. 



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