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How to process a Free Credit


Create and complete a Free Credit to return sold stock, without connecting it to a Sales Order's invoice.

A Free Credit is particularly useful if various stock has been returned from a single customer but it's original Sales Order is unknown. 

Add a Free Credit

  1. From the main menu, go to Sales, Credits and select Add Credit.

  2. Click on Free Entry, in the top right corner.

  3. Enter the Customer's Code details and a Free Credit will be created in Parked status.

  4. Update the Free Credit's details for the appropriate Credit Date, Warehouse and any applicable references.

  5. Add a Credit Lines for each product being credited. Use the Product field to find and select the product and advise the Quantity, Price, Reason. Tick the Return checkbox to bring the quantity back in to your inventory.

  6. Once all Credit Lines, Comments and details have been inputted, select Complete.

Please see the below help files for more information on Credit Notes:

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