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How to Process a Credit Note



To credit or return a processed sales order 


  • Unleashed on Browser   


  1. Navigate to Sales
  2. Click Credit 
  3. Click Add Credit
  4. Enter or select Sales Invoice Number
  5. The relevant details will be automatically filled in from the sales order and will be read-only.
  6. The products added to the sales order are displayed. Update the required values for the credit lines: 
    • Delete any lines which are not being credited using the delete icon.
    • You must either credit the price or stock.
    • You must select the Return checkbox ONLY if you want the product quantity to be credited back into stock. Use the action cog to check or uncheck the Return checkbox for all lines. 
    • DO NOT select the Return checkbox if you are only crediting the price.
  7. Add or edit the comments for your reference.
  8. The charge lines display any additional charges added on the sales order. These fields are read-only and you can delete the charge lines if you do not want to include them on the credit note.
  9. Click Park if you want to make changes later or click Complete if you have completed the process.




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