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How to change a single Product's code


Edit an existing product's code to a new, unique code using the Change Codes function. Product Codes can be updated individually, directly in Unleashed or in bulk, via  CSV import using the Batch function. 

NOTE: If the product is integrated with any platform external to Unleashed (i.e. Shopify, Amazon etc.) we recommend updating the integrated platform's SKU to match the product's new code. 

Change a single product's code

The following steps detail how to update a single product's code, directly in Unleashed:

  1. From the main menu, select Inventory, Products and click on Change Codes

  2. In the Single tab of the Product Change Codes page, search and select the product's current code via the *Product field.

  3. In the *New Product Code field, enter the product's new code. Ensure the code is unique and does not exist for another active or obsolete product in your inventory.
  4. Click Save and the product's record will update to apply the new code. The update will be logged in the Change Codes page, for traceability. 

All open and completed transactions will update to show the products new code and all reports will update for the new product code too. 

For more details on updating product codes, see Product Change codes.

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