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How to maintain line break formats in a Product's Notes field


The Notes field in a product's record will follow standard word processor formatting when viewed and managed in Unleashed directly. However, if the product record is synced through an integration (i.e. Unleashed's open API or the eCommerce Hub's Shopify) the line formatting in the Notes field will be lost. 

To ensure the preferred formatting remains consistent in the Notes field of a product you can use a command the command term <br>, which will apply a line break to the text provided. 

Save line breaks in a product's Notes field

  1. Open a product's record, navigating to the Details tab.

  2. In the Notes field, enter the desired text, formatting as normal using the Enter button on your keyboard to start a new line.

  3. At the end of each line, where a break is entered, include the command term <br>

  4. Click Save in the product's record. 

  5. When the Notes field syncs from Unleashed to an integrated platform, they will be formatted to include line breaks, as shown in Unleashed's Details tab


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