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Why Can't I Mark a Product as Obsolete?



Before marking a product as Obsolete, you'll need to check the following:

  • All open transactions that contain the product are either Completed or Deleted
  • If this product is included on any Bill of Materials as an Assembled or Component product, you'll need to:

    - If Assembled = Obsolete the associated Bill of Materials
    - If Component = Remove the product from the existing Bill of Materials should it continue to be used. If not, Obsolete associated Bill of Materials. 

  • If there is residual stock on hand, stock adjust this out of your inventory

You should be able to obsolete this product once all of the above has been completed. 

Additional Information:

  • Open Transactions can be identified via the References Tab on the product record
  • Associated Bill of Materials can be identified via the Production Tab on the product record
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