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How to edit a product's warehouse bin location


If the Per Warehouse Controls setting is enabled in your account's Company Settings, you have the opportunity to allocate a bin location per warehouse, per product. If a product's location changes in a warehouse, you can update the product in Unleashed to match by updating the Bin Location field in the product's Inventory tab or by using the Import Inventory Details Template file. 

Update a single product's bin location via the Inventory tab

If you are only updating a smaller number of products with a new bin location, apply the update directly in the product's record, using the following steps:

  1. Find the product you need to update by searching in magnifying glass icon in the top right or your Unleashed page or filtering from the View Products page. 

  2. In the product's record, navigate to the Inventory tab.

  3. The Inventory tab will show the current on hand and available quantities per warehouse for the product, along with the warehouse's current bin location

  4. Click on the bin location field to edit the current value. 

  5. Once the bin location is amended, click Save on the product record.

Update multiple products bin location's using the the Import Inventory Details template 

If multiple bin locations require updating in your inventory, use a CSV Import template to apply the updates in bulk, as below:

  1. From the main menu, select Inventory, Product, Import/Export

  2. In the Import/Export page, select the Export drop-down menu in the top right and click Inventory Details.

  3. A pre-populated Inventory Details template (CSV format) will be downloaded, showing all current products and their bin locations per warehouse.

  4. In the Inventory Details template, update the Bin Location column to advise the product's new bin location, per warehouse.

  5. Save the CSV file then upload it to Unleashed via the Import/Export's Inventory Details tab. 

  6. Monitor the upload's progress via the notifications task bar (three stacked lines icon) in the top right corner of your Unleashed page. 
    • Orange circle: In progress
    • Red cross: Upload failed
    • Green tick: Upload successful  

  7. When the upload has imported successfully, all included products will show their updated bin locations. 

For more details on importing Inventory Details, see Import Inventory Details field definitions.

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