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Is it possible to change the current Batch Number of a product?


A Batch Number can only be changed by completing two Stock Adjustments; one Stock Adjustment to remove the old batch number, then another to replace the stock with the new batch number.

NOTE: You can update the Expiry Date of an existing batch number in Unleashed directly by clicking on the Expiry Date field in the Batch Number Enquiry or the product's Batch Number tab.

How to change a product's Batch Number

  1. From the main menu, go to Inventory, Transactions, Stock Adjustment and click on Add Adjustment

  2. In the Stock Adjustment, remove the number of units currently with the incorrect batch number and allocate the incorrect batch numbers to the stock allocated. 

  3. Complete the Stock Adjustment.
    The incorrect batch number will now have been removed from your stock on hand. 

  4. Add a second Stock Adjustment to add the same number of units back into your stock on hand. Allocating the correct batch number to the added stock. 

  5. Complete the Stock Adjustment. 
    The incorrect batch number will now have been replaced by the correct batch number. 

For more details, see Add Stock Adjustments.

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