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Can I edit an Amazon Sales Order after it has imported to Unleashed?


Once a Sales Order has been imported from Amazon through the eCommerce Hub's integration, the Sales Order cannot be edited in Unleashed. This is because the Amazon integration is designed to provide a one-way sync for Sales Orders from Amazon to Unleashed only.

If a Sales Order is updated in Amazon after it has imported to Unleashed, those changes will not sync to Unleashed. We therefore recommend either:

  • Deleting the imported Sales Order in Unleashed and manually creating a replacement to align with the updated Amazon Sales Order.
    NOTE: This is only an option if the order has not been invoiced or dispatched yet in Unleashed. The new Sales Order manually created in Unleashed will not have the same order reference as the Amazon order. 

  • Completing the imported Sales Order in Unleashed and creating a Credit Note to return any unwanted products to your inventory. For more details, see Add a Credit Note.
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