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How to edit a Shopify order after it's imported


After a Sales Order has imported from Shopify to Unleashed, any changes made to the order in Shopify will not sync to Unleashed's order and vice versa. However, you can manually adjust the Sales Order in Unleashed to match any changes that have since been made in Shopify to maintain alignment on both platforms. 

Enable Unleashed Manual Order Edits

To be able to manually update a Sales Order in Unleashed after it has been imported from Shopify, you must have the "Unleashed Manual Order Edits" setting enabled in your Shopify store's configuration. To update your configuration settings, follow the below steps:

  1. From the main menu, go to eCommerce Hub, Shopify and select Configure in the store's Your Shop tile. 

  2. In the Configuration tab, scroll to the Unleashed Manual Order Edits setting and toggle it on (green).

  3. Scroll to the bottom of the Configuration tab and select Save Configuration

Any Sales Order that has imported from the Shopify store and is not in a Complete status will then be open to edit. For more details on managing orders, see How to edit a Sales Order.

NOTE: Any changes made to the Sales Order in Unleashed will not sync back to Shopify. 

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