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How to remap products with Shopify


When a Sales Order fails to import from Shopify or a product's stock availability isn't syncing successfully,  an error message will be provided in the integration's Connection Log to help identify the issue. 

In some cases, simply remapping the product in Unleashed to it's matching SKU in Shopify will resolve the error and allow you to re-attempt importing the order (see How to import missing orders from Shopify) or updating the product's availability successfully. For more details on identifying and resolving errors between Shopify and Unleashed, see Shopify Connection Log & Common Errors.

Remap a product

  1. From the main menu in Unleashed, go to eCommerce Hub, Shopify and open the Manage your Products tab.

  2. Scroll to the bottom of the page to find Remap Product by Code.

  3. Enter the product's code/SKU in the Product Code field.

  4. Select Remap Product.

  5. In the pop-up window "Remap Product" select Yes.

  6. Ensure the product is ticked against your Shopify store in the Manage your Products list.

  7. Click Save Configuration.

You can check if a remap has been successful by going to the Connection Log tab, after performing the remap. If successful, two DEBUG messages will be logged:

  • "Mapped 1 products": This message is confirming a product has been mapped to a SKU in Shopify.
  • "Remap Shopify Product 'ProductCode/SKU' for ShopifyStore is completed": This message is confirming the specific product record has been mapped to a specific Shopify Store's matching SKU.

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