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How to edit a Sales Order


If a Sales Order (SO) in Unleashed is in an open status e.g. Parked or Placed, the SO's details and order lines can be updated or amended to re-align with your customer's requirements. 

To edit a Sales Order's details, see the below steps:

  1. Navigate to the open SO, from either the global search, View Sales Orders page, Customer's record (Orders tab) or Product's record (References tab). 

  2. Any field shown at the top of the SO, apart from Customer Code or Customer Name, can be edited. Similarly, the Comments field at the bottom of the SO can be updated at any time. 

  3. Add external documents or files to the open SO by clicking on the Attachments tab and uploading the files from your device or attaching an uploaded file to the transaction. For more details, see File Library.

  4. Once all changes have been made to the SO, click Save in the top right corner of the page. 

To edit the products, prices or quantities of an open Sales Order, see the below steps:

  1. Go to the Order Lines tab of an open SO.

  2. Remove an existing order line by clicking on the bin icon on the far right of the product's line. 
    Alternatively, tick the checkboxes available on the left of each order line, hover over the Action Cog in the header and select Delete, to remove multiple order lines in bulk.

  3. Add new order lines by filling in the *Product, *Quantity and Price fields available in the Order Lines tab and click Add.

  4. Update existing order lines by clicking on the field you want to edit on the product's order line. The fields available to edit on an existing order line are:
    • Quantity
    • Unit Price
    • Discount
    • Disc. Price
    • Line Comments (speech bubble icon)

  5. Rearrange the how the order lines are listed in the SO by ticking the order line's check box and selecting Move Up or Move Down in the Action Cog. You can move multiple products at once by ticking multiple product lines and the action will move all selected up or down by one space. 

  6. Once all edits and updates have been made to the order lines of your SO, click Save in the top right corner.

NOTE: If reducing the order quantity or price of a product on an open Sales Order, remove the product from any open Shipment or Invoice created for the Sales Order prior to making any changes. 

If a product has been invoiced or dispatched on the Sales Order it's order line cannot be deleted or reduced. We recommend invoicing and dispatching the remainder of the product's order line and completing a Credit Note to return the sale and stock to your available inventory. For more details, see Add a Credit Note.

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