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Troubleshooting login issues with Unleashed


See the below troubleshooting steps you can take if experiencing issues when attempting to login to your Unleashed account.

Error at login Possible causes Troubleshooting tips
Username or password is not recognized.
  • Incorrect email address used (case sensitive).
  • Incorrect password used (case sensitive)
  • The user is no longer registered with an Unleashed account.
  • Contact your account's owner to confirm your user's email address is correct.
  • From the login page, select "Forgot your password?" to reset your user's password with the confirmed email address. 
  • If you do not receive an email to reset your password (check spam/junk inbox), delete and re-invite your user. For more details, see Users.
Too many failed login attempts, account locked.
  • An incorrect email or password has been used to login has failed too many times.

Submit a request in the Support Portal and the support team will provide assistance.

Your authentication information is incorrect.  
  • The authentication code used is out of time/date.
  • Authentication has not been successfully setup for the login.
  • From the authentication page, select "Lost your mobile device?".
  • Wait for an email to your login's alternative email address, which will contain a 6 digit authentication code.
  • If the error persists with the emailed authentication code, contact your account's owner to reset 2SA for your user login. For more details, see How to reset your 2SA.
Sorry, your request could not be completed.
  • User was last logged in to a Sandbox account that has since expired.
  • The URL link to Unleashed has expired. 
  • Follow the instructions provided on the web page.
  • Clear your web browser's cache and cookies, then re-attempt logging in.


If you are still experiencing issues logging in after completing the above tips, Submit a request in the Support Portal

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