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What is the role permission for allowing a user to edit customer pricing?


To allow a user the option to edit customer pricing in a customer's record in Unleashed, their user's role must have the "Customer Pricing" permission enabled with the "Can Edit" checkbox also ticked. 

To update a role's permissions:

  1. Go to Settings, Security and select Role Permissions.

  2. From the Role dropdown menu, select the role being updated.

  3. From the Permissions listed below, select Sales then Customer.

  4. Click the grey padlock icon next to Customer Pricing and it will change to a green open padlock icon, which means the role will allow the user access to Customer Pricing in a customer's record. 

  5. A "can edit" icon or checkbox will show next to the green padlock.
    • If the icon is a green square with a pencil, this means the user can edit customer pricing in a customer record.
    • If the icon is a grey checkbox, this means the user cannot make edits to customer pricing in a customer record. 

  6. Once the Role's permissions are updated, the user with the role applied should log out and back in to Unleashed and their new permissions will apply.

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