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How can I check if a Purchase Order has been sent to the supplier?


Check if a Purchase Order (PO) has been emailed to it's supplier from Unleashed by clicking on the View Email Log button in the Purchase Order's page.

  1. Open the Purchase Order (PO).

  2. Scroll to the bottom of the PO and click View Email Log.

  3. A grid with the following details will be displayed
    • Sender: The email address of the user who sent or triggered the email.
    • Recipients: The email address for the supplier contacts the email has been delivered to.
    • CC: The email address of any contacts included in cc when the email was sent.
    • Subject: The email's subject header at the time it was sent.
    • Type: The transaction type the email was sent for. 
    • Time: The date and time the email was sent from Unleashed.

  4. If the Email Log is blank, the means no email has been sent from this Purchase Order in Unleashed.

You can also check if any transaction has been emailed to a customer, supplier or alternative contact by reviewing your account's Email Log. From the main menu, select Settings, Security and Email Log and this will show a full list of all emails that have been sent from Unleashed. For more details, see Email Logs.

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