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Amazon Connection Log & Common Errors


Review the Amazon integration's connection log to identify and fix common errors that can occur when orders fail to import or products are unable to sync. 

Review Amazon's Connection Log

If your Amazon orders are not importing successfully into Unleashed or if you want to monitor your product and stock availability updates, you can review the Connection Log tab of your Amazon eCommerce Hub. 

  1. From the main menu, navigate to the eCommerce Hub and then Amazon.

  2. Under Your Amazon Stores, select the Connection Log tab.

  3. All product and order sync updates from the previous 7 days will be listed in date order (newest first) in the grid below. 

  4. Filter the connection log's grid using the following filter options:
    • Log Level: Use the drop down menu to filter the grid's log by type: All, Error, Info or Debug
    • Store Name: Use the drop down filter to review the log details per integrated store.
    • Search: A free text field which will filter the log's details by the specific text entered.

Resolving common Amazon integration errors

The connection log retains sync details for your Amazon integrations over the last 7 days. If an error occurred over 7 days ago and is no longer showing in the connection log, re-attempt importing the order or syncing the product again to trigger a new error message for the connection log. For more details, see How to import missing orders from Amazon.

Error  Cause Fix
Failed to import order XXX-XXX. Attempted to divide by zero

The value of the tax is showing at Zero value 


the order is coming across with additional product lines that have order quantities of 0


the order is a refund

You would need to re-create the order(s) in Amazon for the required products and then import the new versions to your Unleashed account.

With regards to returns & refunds, currently we only handle and import Amazon orders. If you have processed a return/ refund in Amazon, you will need to manually add a credit note in Unleashed to reflect the changes in Amazon. 

Failed to import order XXX-XXX. Tax rate '1.2345%' cannot be found   Tax doesn't exist or is not mapped with Unleashed

If the tax rate doesn't exist in Unleashed, you need to add it via Settings > System > Taxes.

NOTE: if you are connected to a accounting provider (Xero or Quickbooks) you would need to create the same tax rate in the accounting provider first. Contact us for help with the Import of new taxes into Unleashed. 

Failed to import Amazon Order XXX-XXX. Error> Product(s) xxx not found in Unleashed Product doesn't exist in Unleashed Check if the "Create Product on Order Import" toggle under the Configuration tab is ON to automatically import and create new products in Unleashed.


If you need to re-import missing orders please see, How to import missing orders from Amazon. For unspecified errors and similar issues, feel free to contact us by submitting a new request of help.

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