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Mintsoft WMS - Sales Shipment processing (full, split and cancellations)


Full Sales Shipment processing – Pick, Pack, Despatch

We use Shipments as the primary transaction for the WMS as it’s the lowest common denominator (the most granular transaction) to be actioned by a warehouse. Should a business currently use Sales Orders in Unleashed, it’s best practice to now use Shipments – allowing you to have much more specific status tracking and information on the fulfilment of the Sale.

  1. Create a Sales Order and save it as status Placed
  2. Then, Create a Shipment
    • Note: If Shipment(s) are left Parked it does not sync to WMS, only when put into Placed will it come into the WMS on the 15-minute cycle. If wanting to import Shipments at a different status, this can be configured on the Unleashed account page (Order Integrations).
  3. Once synced through, it will arrive in Mintsoft with a status of New
  4. Within Mintsoft, click Orders then Overview
  5. Find and tick the order(s)
  6. Select Print from the Bulk Actions drop-down, then click Go
    • Picking is done in a paper flow in the WMS and not verified in the interface, so print the lists of orders you want to pick (can be done with optimal pick route) and physically pick the goods from the bin locations. This can be done with the assistance of a barcode scanner against your paper list and bin tags
  7. Once the order has been picked, go back to Orders then Overview
  8. Find and tick the order(s)
  9. Select Mark Picked from the Bulk Actions drop-down, then click Go
  10. Next, click Actions then Pick Order against one of the Picked orders
    • This will take you to Mintsoft's Scan Actions page allowing you to generate a shipment
    • You can verify goods with a USB Scanner now if this is configured using Barcode Verification
  11. Ensure the correct Courier Service is assigned to the shipment
    • Normally automatically assigned through Service Selection Rules but can be changed if needed
    • Remember to click Update if you have selected a different Courier within the Change Courier Service section
  12. Click Create Shipment to retrieve a courier label
    • Clicking the dropdown arrow next to Print Despatch Note will allow you to Generate Box Packing List
  13.  Finally, click Despatch
    • The order status of the Shipment in Unleashed is changed to Dispatched

Split Shipment processing and cancellations

If shipments are split from the start, both pull through as actionable orders as soon as their status is saved to Placed. However, the workflow is slightly different if an order cannot be picked due to insufficient stock and it’s a later decision to split an existing Shipment (so past the initial sync). 

Certain Sales Shipment line updates sync through from Unleashed to Mintsoft as long as the Mintsoft Order status is one of the following:

  • New
  • Holding
  • OnBackOrder
  • AwaitingConfirmation
  • AwaitingDocumentation
  • AwaitingPayment
  • AwaitingReplen
  • Fraud
  • QueryRaised

The following updates will sync through :

  • Line items added to the Unleashed Shipment will be added to the Mintsoft Order
  • If the quantity of a Mintsoft Bundle has changed, this will be alerted to a user so they can manually adjust it on the Order
  • Line quantity changes (Up or Down) will be updated to the Mintsoft Order
  • Shipment line removals will be removed from the Mintsoft Order

All this flows through the 15-minute sync cycle. This means splitting a Shipment that is still in any of these statuses in the WMS will automatically change the values down correctly on the original Shipment and create a new secondary Order for the Split-Shipment (this part is pushed through in real-time). If Sales shipment line updates do not flow through due to Mintsoft Order being in a different status, splitting the Shipment in Unleashed means that the new part-shipment will be pulled as a new order to the WMS, but the values on the original will not be adjusted in the WMS. This then needs to be manually corrected so that both orders reflect the quantities held in Unleashed.

Deleting Orders

When you have a Sales Order with unactioned Sales Shipments that have pulled through to Mintsoft WMS and intend to delete the order tree in both systems – simply delete the Sales Order in Unleashed. The related Shipments are instantly moved to status deleted and cancelled in both systems.

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