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Mintsoft WMS - Products (creating, updating and deleting/discontinuing)


How do I manage products on Mintsoft WMS?

Products created, updated or deleted after your initial onboarding will pull through to Mintsoft instantly. When a product is deleted in Unleashed, it will be marked as obsolete (discontinued) on Mintsoft.

Most fields only sync once, when the product is initially created and can then be edited as needed in both systems (Unleashed and Mintsoft).

However certain fields on a product will synchronise after the initial creation. Certain updates will pull across from Unleashed when the product is modified, these are:

  • Unleashed Barcode changes will update Mintsoft EAN 
  • Images -
    • No image initially: If this is added on Unleashed, it will then add on Mintsoft
    • Image initially: If this is changed on Unleashed, it will update on Mintsoft
  • Weight -
    • If Mintsoft has no weight (0), the weight is taken from Unleashed
    • If Mintsoft has a weight, changes made on Unleashed won't sync
  • Average Landed Cost changes will update Mintsoft's Cost Price
  • Customs description changes will sync across to Mintsoft
  • Commerce Code ICC Country Code changes will sync across to Mintsoft

Once pulled through, certain fields like Weight can be overwritten in Mintsoft and won’t change when new values are added in Unleashed. This means the data can be distinctly enriched from the Unleashed commercial data, giving space for packaged weight, size differences, etc.

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