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How to populate a Customer's delivery address within Purchase Orders


If a Purchase Order is due to be delivered directly to a Customer, populate the Customer's delivery address in the Purchase Order. This is particularly useful when using drop-shipping with Unleashed.

  1. In a Purchase Order, click on the magnifying glass icon next to the Delivery Name field.

  2. A pop-up window, Address Search, will then appear. Use the Customer Code, Customer Name or Address Name fields to search for an existing customer record and their delivery address. 

  3. Pick the appropriate address to save against the Purchase Order by selecting the Address Name. The Delivery Name and Address fields will then update in the Purchase Order to reflect the selected Customer address.

If the Customer's delivery address doesn't exist in Unleashed, add it to the Customer's Delivery tab first and then search for it in the Purchase Order's Address Search window. For more details on updating a Customer's delivery addresses, see Add Customer: Delivery tab

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