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Auto Disassembly


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Auto Disassembly

Points to Note

Using Auto Disassembly

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Auto Disassembly

Save time 'breaking down' stock received from your supplier via the Auto-Disassembly feature. When you receipt an Auto-Disassembled product on your Purchase Order, an Auto-Disassembly will be automatically created & completed for this product. This will quickly 'breakdown' this product to its component products.

Points to Note

  • The Auto Disassembly functions can be disabled or turned off at any time.
  • If the assembled product is batch or serial tracked, it cannot be enabled for Auto Disassembly.
  • Auto Disassembly is not available to Purchase Orders that are Split Receipted. For more details see Receipt a Purchase Order.

Enable Can Auto Disassemble

To enable Can Auto Disassemble for a product, navigate to the assembled product's Bill of Materials (BOM). Once the BOM's opened, use the Can Auto Disassemble toggle functions in the header of the BOM to toggle on:

For any Purchase Order a Disassembly will be generated once the Purchase Order is receipted and completed. 

Using Auto Disassembly

When an assembled product is receipted on a Purchase Order, it can be immediately broken down into it's component parts, meaning your inventory will be updated based on the component stock at the point of receipting. The component quantities for the disassembly are calculate based on the BOM that's been created for the receipting assembled product. Below is an example of the Auto Disassembly behaviour when receipting a Purchase Order. 

  1. Product RETJAM is enabled for Can Auto Disassemble in it's BOM.

  2. A Placed Purchase Order for RETJAM has been created and is due to be receipted.
  3. In the Receipt page, an orange exclamation point icon in the Receipt Quantity field will appear for any product due to auto disassemble. 

  4. Complete the Purchase Order and this will generate and complete the Auto Disassembly for the receipted product. Click on the green tick icon in the Purchase Order's Receipt Quantity field to navigate to the Disassembly that was generated and completed, 

  5. The Disassembly will include the Purchase Order it has been generated from in the Comments field, for traceability. 

NOTE: Products enabled with Can Auto Disassemble function cannot be Receipted on a Purchase Order or Split Receipted. The Purchase Order must be completed in full for the Auto Disassembled products.

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