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Using Receipted Goods on Assemblies



If you wish to use receipted goods on assemblies, you can toggle it on under your Company Settings.

Please make sure you understand the accounting implications of doing so in terms of costs that may be added to your purchase order AFTER receipting. 

We recommend you ensure all staff are made aware of the change in behaviour if you enable this setting.

By toggling this setting ON, you acknowledge that the costs of your completed assemblies will be bound to the costs of the goods at the time of receipting and will exclude any additional costs that are added between receipting and completing a purchase order.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Any recostings/additional costs added to Purchase Orders after the component product has been receipted will be applied ONLY to the component product's stock value and NOT the assembled product.

If your component product has no Stock on Hand quantity this recosting will be voided.


Enable the feature under Settings | Company | Settings


If the setting is enabled, when Receipting or Split Receipting a Purchase Order, the pop-up message indicates that stock will be available for use on assemblies:


Previously, you would not be able to complete an assembly if the purchase order(s) was not completed:


Once the setting is enabled, you will be able to complete your assembly if the goods are receipted:


Note that the assembly costs will NOT include any purchase order recosting that occurs.  In this example, 86.30 will be used in the assembly:



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