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B2B Content Pages


6 Flexible content pages allow you to tell customers about important information, such as terms and conditions, privacy policies, and shipping information.

  • The pages will not be displayed by default. You can choose which pages you want to display by selecting the required toggles and also if it should be added to the page header, footer or both.
  • Click on the line or the edit icon to edit the page title and content.
  • The following image displays an example content page created for a test B2B store.


If you make all 6 content pages visible in your store header they will be grouped under a 'More Links' dropdown field for easy navigation and to make the header less cluttered. 


When adding content to your content pages we provide you with a rich text editor, allowing you to add more style and content to these pages.

If you have uploaded an image in B2B, say your store logo or banner image you can right-click the image and copy the URL to use on your content pages, click on the image icon, and paste the URL into the available field.

If you have a promotional video available on YouTube or Vimeo you can also add these to your content pages and make them available to your customers to promote your products even more.


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