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B2B General Settings


After you complete the configuration described in the Setting up B2B portal, you must configure your B2B store settings.


- General orders settings

- Login page settings

- Store Footer details


General Settings

Use the options on this General Settings page to configure the following:

1. Brand Name (Mandatory rich text field to add more brand-specific color to your Brand Name.)

2. Brand Name Image (If you do have your Brand Name in a specific font or style you can upload an image to be used as your Brand name instead of the text in 1 above.)

NOTE: Once you toggle this option On and upload a brand name image it will be used instead of the Brand Name Text on the login page.


NOTE: If you also do have a Company Logo uploaded (which is recommended) you will have an additional setting available for your main login page heading which could display your Company Logo and your Brand Name Image.


 Other fields to configure on this page are:

- A Banner image to display on the Products page

- The Main Title of your catalogue

- The Catalogue Page Summary

- Delivery Details

- Primary and Secondary colors of your store


Preview your store's "Products page", before saving your changes, just click on the Preview button at the top of the page. 


NOTE: The Products displayed will be from our stocked images and are just for illustration.



You can also select the following toggles to enable users to place Standing Orders and import bulk orders to the cart.


Allow Customers to place Standing Orders 

If your customers are ordering the same items daily, weekly, or monthly - then encourage them to save time by creating recurring orders on the B2B Portal using the Standing Orders feature. 

Points to Note

  • B2B Store Administrators can place standing orders on behalf of customers by using the "Act As Customer" feature.
  • The B2B Store Administrator can view a list of all standing orders placed by their store customers and also run a report to find the total quantity of products on standing orders for a 3 month time period.
  • Standing orders can be paused and resumed as required.
  • The Standing Orders reminder notification email will be sent 2 days prior to the order date selected for the standing order.

Enabling the Standing Orders feature

  1. Log in to your B2B Store.
  2. Go to Store Settings -> General Settings using the side menu.
  3. Scroll down to the Orders area and toggle the Allow Customers to Place Standing Orders to On.
  4. Click on the Save Changes button at the top of the page.
  5. Once you enable the toggle, the Standing Orders option will be available under the My Orders drop-down list.

Viewing Standing Orders

You can view the list of standing orders created by your customers from the Standing Orders page.

  1. Go to My Orders and expand the drop-down list.
  2. Click Standing Orders.
  • The list of standing orders created by your store customers sorted by the Next Order Date column will be displayed.
  • Click on Show Details / Hide Details drop-down list to display/hide the standing order details.
  • You can search by Customer Name / Customer Code to display a specific list.

Standing Orders Report

As a store Admin user, you can run a Product Enquiry report to retrieve a list of all products and quantities for the standing orders placed by your customers. This will help you to plan ahead for stock availability to ensure that the orders are fulfilled on time.

  1. Go to My Orders and expand the drop-down list.
  2. Click Standing Orders.
  3. On the Standing Orders list page, click on the Product Enquiry tab.
  4. Select the date range and click Run.

  • By default, the Start Date and End Date will be displayed for a month with today's date as the Start Date.
  • You can run the report for a maximum time period of three months.
  • The list of products displayed will be sorted by Product Code.

Allow Customers to import Orders to Cart

If your customers are placing bulk orders with a large number of product lines, this feature will enable them to easily import orders using a CSV template (Product Code and Qty). This will eliminate the need to click and add each product to their cart, creating a better user experience. For more information, see Importing Orders.

Restrict orders by minimum product quantity

This feature will determine whether the Minimum Sales Order Quantity set against the Product record in Unleashed is enforced in your B2B Store.

When this feature is enabled Customers will not be able to add a Product to their order if the Quantity ordered is below the Minimum Sales Order Quantity set in Unleashed. This quantity limit will be visible to the Customer when adding and reviewing the Products in your B2B Store.


Set Minimum Order Value Limit

If you would like to ensure that your customers place orders over a certain value this feature will allow you to set a Minimum Order Value restriction. 


To enable, select the toggle to the On position. This will open up the Order Value input box below the configuration where you can insert your Minimum Order Value. This will be applied once Saved your configuration.


Note: this input field will only allow for Numbers to be input. Any letters or symbols will throw an error.


Once enabled the Minimum Value will be displayed in the Product Listing page & also within the Cart during checkout. This will ensure your Customer is well aware of the Minimum Order Value restriction & create their order with this in mind.




If a customer's cart does not have a Sub-Total Value that exceeds the Minimum Order Value set then they will not be able to place their order or create a new Standing Order.


Note: Existing Standing Orders, placed before enabling the feature will not be restricted by the Minimum Order Value limit feature. However, setting a new Minimum Order Value condition is a great opportunity to touch base with your Customer, strengthen the relationship, & work out a new deal that works for both parties!

Important points to note:

  • Display Product Prices (Settings > Inventory > Product Details) must be enabled to utilise this feature
  • The Minimum Order Value will be considered “Currency Agnostic”.
    e.g A value of 200 would be $200(NZD) for NZD customers & £200 (GBP) for a GBP Customer.

  • The Minimum Order Value restriction will be applied to all Customers visiting that specific B2B Store. Please consider your full customer base when setting this restriction.
  • The Minimum Order Value will be applied to the order's Sub-Total value & does not take into account Tax or Freight Charges.

Login Page

  • Display Brand Name and Display Company Logo toggles will be enabled once you upload the company logo. You can then choose to select/hide the required toggle.
  • Login blurb and Login page options can be used to configure the customer login page display settings 


  • Click Preview to preview the changes before you click Save Changes.
  • Close Store: If you want to make some changes and want your store to be inaccessible to users, you can click Close Store. When you are ready to make the store available again, click Open Store.

Footer Details

This configuration option will determine if the "Powered by Unleashed" logo appears at the bottom of you're B2B Store.


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