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Guest Access


- Multiple Customer Contacts

- Order History

- Standing Orders & Sales Orders in UNL

- Admin Acting as a Customer

  • Allow guests to browse the store: Give guest customers the ability to browse your products through your B2B store. 
  • Show product pricing to guests: When pricing is toggled on it will show guest customers your default sell price. 
Guest users will not be able to add products to their carts, or checkout. They will still come through the standard process of requesting access unless credit card payments are enabled for Guest customers.
Request Access
Potential new Customers & Guest Customers can "Request Access" to your B2B Store by selecting "Request Access" on the Login Page or by selecting "Don't have an Account?" whilst logged into the store as a Guest.
Selecting either of these two options will result in the following "Request Access" form for your new customer to fill out. The values input here will be included in the Request Access email sent to the B2B Admin email address so you can easily review, approve, & set up your new B2B Customer.
Please note that the Email field is a mandatory field to request access. All other fields are optional only, & do not need to be filled to request access.
Requesting Access does not automatically provide a new Customer with Access. They will still need to be set up in your Unleashed account & invited to join.

Multiple customer contacts

Admins can send invites to multiple customer contacts.

When a customer does not have any contacts added in Unleashed, B2B 'Customers' page will display 'No contacts added' before the customer.


On adding contacts to a customer in Unleashed, all contacts will be shown under the 'Inactive' pill in B2B (This is assuming there are no active contacts for the customer).Screen_Shot_2020-09-21_at_11_40_34_AM.png

Admin can either click on the 'Inactive' pill to access the list of Inactive contacts or click on 'Manage Contacts' on Actions drop-down and filter 'Inactive contacts' on the slideout as shown below.


Once the contacts have accepted the invite, they will be shown under the 'Active' pill whereas contacts who have not accepted the invite will be shown under the 'Pending' pill and the one's who have declined the invite will be shown under 'Inactive' pill.



The admin can then take the below actions to change the Status of contacts by clicking on the pill or by selecting 'Manage Contacts' under the Actions button and filtering the status on the slideout.

Deactivate contacts:


Reactivate deactivated contacts:

Resend or cancel the invitation for pending contacts:


Order History:

On Order History, the email address of the customer contact who placed the order will be displayed.

The order confirmation email to the admin will also have the email address of the contact who placed the order.

Sales Orders in UNL

The email address of the contact who placed the order will be updated in the Delivery Instruction field of Sales Order in Unleashed.


Standing orders

The standing order will display the email address of the contact who created the standing order.


Admin acting as a customer

In situations where the admin is acting as a customer and placing an order on behalf of them, it would require the admin to select the email address of the contact on behalf of whom they are placing the order. Note: The contact list will not display any deactivated contact.

The selected email address will be displayed in the order confirmation email.

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