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B2B Email Settings


You, as store admin, can configure the email notifications you want to send to your customers using the Email Settings option from the side menu under Setting in the B2B store.

Points to Note:

  • All B2B Subscription Plans: You can select/deselect the Send Email toggle.
  • B2B Premium Plans: You can customize the B2B Order Status and the Email templates.
  • By default, the Send Email toggles for the Email the Customer and Complete options are selected.

Order Request Email

You can select the Send Email toggle to send an order summary as soon as an order is placed on the B2B Store.

  • Email the customer: Sends an email to the store customer
  • Email Store Admin: Sends an email to the store administrator. This is sent to the email you have entered in the Settings | Contact Details | Contact email address field.


Order Status Mappings

  • Click on the pencil icons next to the B2B Status fields to update the Order Status. This is the status that will be displayed on the Order History page.
  • If the toggles are selected, an email will be sent to the store customer, each time the order status is updated in Unleashed.


Editing the Email Templates

If you want to send custom emails to your customers, for different stages you can create and save templates. The emails will be automatically triggered based on the options you have selected.

Promoting products in e-mails

As an admin, you can promote up to 5 products in the email notifications that go out to the customers.

Log in to B2B -> Settings -> Email Settings -> Promote products in Emails


Search for the products you would like to be included in the emails.

Note: You can only select up to 5 products. Only those products which are marked as 'Sellable' can be included.


By default, all Email Types under 'Order Status Mapping' get selected. However, if any particular email type under 'Order Status Mapping' is toggled off, then no emails get triggered for that particular email type.

You can remove the email types in which you do not want the products to be promoted by clicking on the X before the email type under 'Include in Email Type'.

A new email type has been added 'Standing order email reminder', which will enable you to promote the products in the standing order reminder email.

You can change the order of the products in emails by dragging the products and re-arranging them in 'Email Settings'

The selected promoted products will be displayed in the emails that get triggered to customers, based on the 'Email types' selected.

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