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B2B Order History


You can keep track of the orders created from your B2B store and verify their status from the Order History, within your B2B store's settings.

Review your B2B store's Order History

Once a customer places an order in the B2B store and it is imported to Unleashed, the order's initial status in the B2B changes to Processing. When the Sales Order is successfully imported and subsequently progressed in Unleashed, the order's status in the B2B will update accordingly. You can review the B2B order status within the B2B's Order History page.

To view the B2B's Order History page, follow the below steps:

  1. Login as an admin to the B2B store.

  2. Navigate to Settings and from the main menu select Orders then Order History.

  3. All Sales Orders that have been created via your B2B store will populate in the Your Orders page.

The Your Orders page can be filtered by each Order Status:

  • All
  • Coming Soon
  • Complete
  • Rejected
  • Pending Approval
  • Confirmed

You can also click on each order's Show drop down in the Details column to review the individual order's details, including:

  • Ordered products and quantities
  • Delivery Address
  • Order Totals
  • Order Comments

NOTE: Any changes made to the products, prices or quantities of a B2B Sales Order in Unleashed will also update the Order's History in the B2B Store.

B2B Order Status

An Order's status in the B2B store is updated as and when the Sales Order's status in Unleashed changes. The sync can take up to 15 minutes but will follow the below mapping structure: 

Unleashed Sales Order Status B2B Order Status
Parked Pending Approval
Placed Confirmed
Backordered Coming Soon
Deleted Rejected
Complete Complete
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