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B2B Categories


NOTE: All new B2B stores created after 12 May 2024, will now have Product Groups from Unleashed pre-populated as Categories and the assigned products will be linked in the B2B store. 


You can update product categories, add subcategories, and assign products for easier classification and search capabilities. This will create a better user experience and make it easier for customers to place orders on your B2B store.




Re-Importing Product Groups from Unleashed

IMPORTANT! You must ONLY re-import product groups when you start building your B2B categories. If you import product groups after you have created B2B categories and subcategories, all your existing categories will be deleted and replaced with the product groups from Unleashed.
  1. If you have created product groups in Unleashed and want to import them to start building your B2B Portal categories, then click Import

  2. The Unleashed product groups will be imported and displayed in the B2B Portal as Categories and the products will be assigned automatically.
    • Any changes you make to the Categories will not affect the product groups in Unleashed. The Categories are applicable only for your B2B store(s).
    • If you have imported your product groups initially and then add more product groups in Unleashed, you CANNOT import only the updated product groups. All your existing categories will be deleted and replaced with the product groups from Unleashed.

Creating a new Category in B2B Portal

Click Create Category.

Specify a Category Name and click Create Category.

Hover over the category name and the following options will be displayed: 

+Subcategory: Click to add a subcategory. Specify the name and click Done.

Edit: Click on the pencil icon to edit, make the required changes, and then click Done.


Move: Use the 6 dots displayed on the left side of the category name to move the lines as required if you want to rearrange the order of your categories.

Once you have created any New categories in B2B, you must assign products to them.

Assigning Products to Categories

  1. Go to Products under settings, or click on the [Go to Settings/Products] button at the top of the page.
  2. You can assign categories in two ways:
    1. From the bulk action cog, select the products and click Add to Category OR at the product line level from the action cog, select Assign Categories.
    2. Select the category or categories you want to assign to the selected product(s).
    3. Click Apply.
  3. You can use the Select Category filter to view how the assigned products will be displayed on your B2B store. 

Viewing Product Categories

  1. Go to the Products page.
  2. The Select Category drop-down list will display the categories and subcategories you have created.
  3. From the dropdown select the required category/subcategory to display the filtered list of products.
  4. You can use the breadcrumbs displayed for easy navigation.
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