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B2B Product Details


Configure the product and available stock-on-hand display options for your B2B store.

Option Description Default
Display images Display or hide product images.


Display product prices Display or hide product prices.


Show prices as tax inclusive Display product prices as tax inclusive or tax exclusive.


Field for Product Title Used to select either the Unleashed Product Code or Description as the title for that product in your B2B Store Code
Field for product details Used to choose whether the Description, the Notes or a combination of both will be used as the B2B Description


Default Products View Choose how new users of the store will see your product list Grid
Display unit of measure Display or hide the unit of measure. ON
Display Out of stock badges Products without any available stock will display as "Out of stock". OFF
Display stock counts The available quantity for the products will be displayed on the Product Details page. OFF
Set status of out of stock products The status of Out of stock products would be set as the selected option from the dropdown Visible
Display stock level per warehouse Displays stock count breakdown per warehouse. Once on, these details will appear in the Warehouse Stock breakdown section of the Product Details OFF
Display estimated date of arrival for out of stock products When on, the estimated arrival date of the product will be pulled from the 'Delivery Date' mentioned in the Purchase line order created for that particular product and displayed in B2B ON


Manage Backorders

B2B store owners are able to select the status displayed for 'Out of stock' products, selecting it as Sellable will allow your store visitors to place orders even if there is no stock available creating a backorder.

The setting is named 'Set status of Out of Stock products' and located in the 'Product Details' screen


Note: If a product runs out of stock, and the status of the product in the Products screen and status set for Out of stock products in the Product Details screen is not the same, the lowest valued status would be applied. Below is a chart for a better explanation:


Product status Status set for Out of Stock products Result
Hidden Visible/Sellable Hidden
Visible/Sellable Hidden Hidden
Visible Sellable Visible
Sellable Visible Visible


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