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B2B Products


Configure your product display settings, availability, and descriptions.

  • Bulk Action Cog options:
    • Select All
    • Select None
    • Make Hidden
    • Make Visible: This will only display the products on your B2B store. To enable customers to place orders, you must make them Sellable.
    • Make Sellable: This will make products Visible and Sellable on your B2B store.
    • Add To Category
    • Remove From Category
    • Add To Catalogues
    • Remove From Catalogues
    • Set Priority (Only visible when the 'Custom Product Ranking' feature has been toggled On, on the Settings -> Inventory -> Product Details page)
    • Bulk Action - All Pages
  • You can edit the Product Description by clicking on the field.
    • If you update the Product Description, it will only be applicable to your B2B Store. The changes will not update the Product Description in your Unleashed account.
    • Add the required product description and click Save. A pencil icon with a tooltip will be displayed next to the product description.
    • If you want to change the product description to the same as your Unleashed account, click on the pencil icon and click Reset to Unleashed Description.
    • The NEW label will be displayed next to the product code for the first 14 days after you enable them to be sellable.
    • The Out of Stock label will be displayed on the products if there is no stock available. If the admin has set the 'Out of Stock' products to be hidden, they won't be visible to the customers whereas if the admin has set the 'Out of Stock' products to be visible, they will be displayed to the customers but the customers won't be able to add them to the cart. In order to allow customers to add 'Out of Stock' products to the cart, they should be set to 'Sellable' in the below settings
    • If you toggled ON to display stock counts.

      Then this will show the number of available products on each card/product.
      This available label is color-coded using the following configuration, which cannot be adjusted at this stage:
      - Available Quantity higher than 10 = Green 
      - Available quantity below 10 = Amber
      - Out of Stock = Red with no count.


Multiple Product Images

If you want to display multiple images for your products in the B2B Portal, you must upload the required images in Unleashed.

For more information, see Products - Attachments tab. The default image will be displayed on the main product page. Once the user, clicks on a specific product, they can scroll and view all the images associated with that product.

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