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Assemblies Kanban View



NOTE: This is our 1st version of the Assembly Kanban view, although very limited (no filtering, sorting, or configuration - which will be introduced in future phases) we are confident that this will add value to your business.



View your Open/Parked Assemblies in a brand new Kanban board (more about the Kanban concept) displaying assemblies as cards in status columns that can follow your production stages from left to right. Easily identify work in progress, bottlenecks per status, or assemblies per status.

With the Kanban board, you can also easily update the status of an assembly with the drag-and-drop action, just click on the assembly card and drag it to the next stage. (Cards will be sorted per status alphanumeric on Assembly Number - low to high)

Clicking the card once will open the assembly on a new tab in your browser


NOTE: This new feature should be used in conjunction with Assemblies Custom statuses.


New to Assemblies in Unleashed?

If you are new to assemblies/production in Unleashed or don't have any open assemblies and you view the Kanban page you will see a message like this.

Kanban_Blank page.png

You can follow the links on the page to add custom statuses for assemblies, add a new Assembly, or view the support files if you need to learn more about how assemblies work in Unleashed.

Before you can create your first assembly you need to have Assembled products, Component Products, and a Bill of Materials.


Role Permissions

All superusers should be able to view the Kanban page. This feature for all other roles will be toggled off. If these other roles need access to this page the Unleashed account administrator will be able to update the permission.


Assembly Statuses

The default status for new assemblies will be Parked but you have the option to add more statuses to Assemblies especially if your production process has specific stages. In the example below I added 5 additional Statuses for my Open Assemblies added to the account by the superuser under Settings>System>Assembly Statuses.


Kanban view (Phase 1)

This first release of the Kanban board will only display Open/Parked assemblies per status column and an Add Assembly button. Each column will display a count of the number of assemblies in that status/stage as part of the column heading.

You can update the status of assemblies with the drag-and-drop feature, just click on a card and drag it to the next status.

The default order of the columns is Alphanumeric.

The default content per card at phase 1 are:

- Assembly number;
- Product Code;
- Product Description (Maximum length over 2 lines to cater to longer product names, hover over the name to see the full product description where the name is longer than the available 2 lines.);
- Quantity to assemble;
- Comment (Only visible when a comment was added to the assembly);
- Assemble by Date (Green for future dates and Red if the assemble by date is in the past or today's date).


Kanban view (Phase 2) - What is planned and on the roadmap?


Search and filter options:

We are planning to add options to search Kanban per assembly number or product and also plan to add quick filters to the page such as:

- Filter on Warehouse
- Auto Assemblies (Yes, No (default), All)
- "Assemble by" date selection filter

With an additional option to quickly sort the page on:
- Assembly Number (Descending)
- Assembly Number (Ascending)
- Assemble By Date (Descending)
- Assemble By Date (Ascending)
- Quantity to assemble (Descending)
- Quantity to assemble (Ascending)


Edit the page layout:

Users with permission to view the Kanban board will be able to customise the content of the page, select the default sort option for the page and save the layout which will include moving the columns into different positions, deciding which columns to display, and setting available fields to be visible or hidden across all cards.

Card Content: 

The end goal will be to have the following available fields to select from which will show on all cards:
- Product Code;
- Product Description;
- Source Warehouse;
- Destination Warehouse;
- Linked Sales Order Number;
- Product Group;
- Comments;
- Sub-assembly indicator(icon).

Locked fields (cannot be toggled off or hidden):
- Assembly Number;
- Quantity to Assemble;
- Assemble By Date


📣 Feedback 📣:

If you explored and liked the feature we would love to receive your feedback

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