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Assemblies Kanban


View your Open/Parked Assemblies in a brand new Kanban board (click here for more about the Kanban concept) displaying assemblies as cards in status columns that can follow your production stages from left to right. Easily identify work in progress, bottlenecks per status, or assemblies per status.

With the Kanban board, you can also easily update the status of an assembly with the drag-and-drop action, just click on the assembly card and drag it to the next stage. To complete an assembly you will need to open it and update the assembly to completed status allowing you to ensure all wastage and comments are updated. For more details on completing Assemblies, see Complete Assemblies.

Setup Assembly Kanban

New to Assemblies in Unleashed?

If you are new to assemblies or the production processes in Unleashed and you don't have any open assemblies, your view in the Kanban page will appear as a blank page. You can follow the links on the page to add custom statuses for assemblies, add a new Assembly, or view this support file if you need to learn more about how assemblies work in Unleashed.

NOTE: Before you can create your first assembly you need to have Assembled products, Component Products, and a Bill of Materials setup in your account. For more details, please see the below help file links:

Role Permissions

All superusers should be able to view the Kanban page. For the remaining user roles, the Assembly Kanban feature will be restricted. To grant access to the Assembly Kanban, your account's owner or administrator will be able to update any other user role's permissions.
  1. The Account Owner or a Superuser can head to Settings, Security and Role Permissions from the main menu. 

  2. Select the Role to be updated from the drop down menu, then in the Production section click on the padlock icon on the Assembly Kanban line.

  3. When the padlock icon is green and shows to be unlocked, this means the page or feature is accessible for the selected Role.

Assembly Statuses

The default status for new assemblies will be Parked. You can add more custom statuses to open assemblies, which is especially useful if your production process has specific stages. Use custom Assembly Statuses to highlight the current status of an Assembly, with more detail than it being Parked and these custom statuses will denote the Assembly Kanban's columns.
You will need at least one Custom Status in order to see the Assembly Kanban view.

NOTE: The custom status is applicable only for Assemblies that are the equivalent of a Parked transaction, and do not apply to Disassemblies.

Create a custom Assembly Status by heading to Settings and System, then select Assembly Statuses. In this page, you can provide a name for the custom status and a color from the options available.

Using Assembly Kanban

This Kanban board will display up to 500 Open/Parked assemblies, separated per Assembly Custom Status, with the option to filter the view by various field. Each column within the Assembly Kanban view is configured based on the Assembly statuses that exist in your Unleashed account. 

At the top of the Assembly Kanban page, there is an Add Assembly button, which will direct you to the Add Assembly page. For more details on creating new assemblies, see Add Assemblies & Sub-Assemblies.

Filter field descriptions

At the top of the Assembly Kanban page, you can filter the Kanban board to populate specific assemblies

  • Sort By: Use the dropdown menu to select the order in which your Assemblies will be shown and use the up and down arrow to determine if they are to be listed in ascending or descending order. The Sort By options available are:
    • Assembly Number
    • Assembly By Date
    • Assembled Quantity

  • Product: You can use this field to search for an assembling product using the Product Code or Product Description.
  • Warehouse: This is a multi-select filter will include all assemblies where the source or destination warehouse matches the filter criteria.
  • Assemble By From: Select a date in the Assemble By From field to filter the page based on the assembly's expected due date. 
  • Auto Assembly: Use the drop down menu to filter the view by Auto, Manual or All Assembly types.
  • Clear Filter: Select the Clear Filter button to revert the search back to the default.

Kanban columns

Each Assembly custom status in your Unleashed account will be shown as a column in the Assembly Kanban page. Each status name will populate as the column's title and will show a total count for the number of assemblies currently saved with that status.

The default order of the columns is Alphanumeric based on the Assembly Status's name. 


Edit the Kanban board Layout

Users with permission to view the Kanban board can customise the page, select the default sort order of the cards, change the order of the columns, and decide which columns to display. 

To change the layout, of the Kanban page, click on the Edit Layout button at the top right-hand side of the page.

A slideout panel will display, allowing you to make the columns visible or hidden, change the display order using the 6-dot handle, save, and share the layout.

You are also able to set the default sort order for the cards.


Assembly cards

Each open Assembly in the Kanban view will be shown as an individual card that can be interacted with and progressed, directly in the Kanban page. Click on any given Assembly card and this will open the Assembly in a new browser page.

Each card provides an overview of the Assembly, containing the following details:

  • Assembly number: The transaction's reference number.
  • Product Code: The product code for the product being assembled.
  • Product Description: Maximum length over 2 lines to cater to longer product names. Hover over the name to see the full product description.
  • Assembled Quantity
  • Comment: Hover over the speech bubble icon (when available) to view the assembly's comment.
  • Assemble By: The date will be highlighted in green for future dates, clear for today's date and red if the assemble by date is in the past.

Manage Assemblies

You can update the status and therefore progress of assemblies in the Kanban view by drag-and-dropping the Assembly card from one column to another. The adjusted Assembly will immediately update and save to the new column's status.

NOTE: You can similarly move assemblies up and down the same column, to re-organize how they've displayed in your current view. If you navigate away from the Assembly Kanban page or refresh it, the assemblies will re-sort back to the default Sort By order. 

Kanban - future development planned

Card Content: 
The end goal will be to have the following available fields to select from which will show on all cards:
- Product Code;
- Product Description;
- Source Warehouse;
- Destination Warehouse;
- Linked Sales Order Number;
- Product Group;
- Comments;
- Sub-assembly indicator(icon). Locked fields (cannot be toggled off or hidden):
- Assembly Number;
- Quantity to Assemble;
- Assemble By Date

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