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AIM Product Forecast


AIM Product Forecast is designed to predict future demand to set stock levels limits so you can avoid stock out or overstock situations. Use Product Forecast on important products that have seasonality, or where past performance is not a good indicator of future demand, and therefore AIM Modelling is unsuitable.

Using Product Forecast you will be able to:

  • Set your strategy and stock limits to cope with predicted future demand

  • AIM forecasts will predict how your open transactions will affect your stock on hand over time. Open transactions will be loaded into stock movements on the stock on hand charts. 
  • Review past stock levels, general inventory details and historic rates of demand

  • Set the date range of historic data for calculations, and the future date range of forecasting

  • Auto-fill the forecast with either a linear trend line or seasonally adjusted trend line (note the historic date range selected above will affect these trend lines

  • Use 3 charts to understand your forecast and stock limits:

    • Demand Forecast Analysis
      This chart plots the monthly forecast, seasonal and linear trend lines and actual performance.
      TIP: Drag the blue forecast points up or down to set your forecast demand

    • New Stock Levels with Forecast & SOH
      This chart plots your predicted SOH according to your stock limits and replenishment method. Use this chart to adjust your strategy to cope with your predicted demand.

    • SOH & Purchases Required
      This chart plots your predicted SOH and highlights when replenishment is created and completed. Use this chart to review your replenishment size and frequency.

  • Set replenishment methods between Reorder Point or Set Intervals. If you purchase weekly top up your stock levels, use Set Intervals. If you order stock when a stock alert is generated, use Reorder Point.

  • Toggle between the charts view and the Table for more details.

  • Adjust your lead days according to how long it takes to receive stock. ‘Use Actuals’ will set the lead days according to your past performance.

Once you have set your stock limits, click Submit to create a transaction to update your product record in Unleashed.


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