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Access Financials Integration Feature Summary

Record Exports UNL > AF
Customer Records
Supplier Records
Purchase Transaction Exports UNL > AF
Purchase Orders
Purchase Stock Journals
Purchase Costs (appears as PO in AF)
Purchase ReCosts (appears as PO in AF)
Purchase ReCost Journals
Supplier Return (PO Credit)
Supplier Return (PO Credit) Costs
Supplier Return (PO Credit) Cost Journals
Sales Transaction Exports UNL > AF
Sales Invoices
Sales Journals
Credit Notes
Credit Note Journals
Production Transaction Exports UNL > AF
Assembly Journals
Disassembly Journals
Assembly Supplier Costs (Appears as PO in AF)
Inventory Transactions Exports UNL > AF
Stock Adjustment Journals
Stock Count Journals
Nominal Account & Analysis Code Mapping
General Default Account & Analysis Mapping (Stock on Hand, Cost of Goods Sold, & Sales/Revenue)
Customer Record Analysis Mapping (Sales)
Product Account & Analysis Mapping (Sales & COGS)
Never Diminishing Product (non-Stock Item) Account & Analysis Mapping (Sales, Purchase, & Expense)
Assembly & Disassembly Account Mapping (Expense)
Stock Adjustment & Stock Count Account Mapping (Sales, or Expense, or COGS)
Sales Transaction Analysis Mapping (Sales)
Integration Configuration
Customer Export Setting
Supplier Export Setting
Sales Export Settings
Credit Export Settings
Purchase Export Settings
Supplier Return (PO Credit) Export Settings
Product Export Settings
Inventory Transaction Export Settings
Batched Export Setting (Sales Invoice, Credit Note, & Stock Adjustment Journal)
Integration Management
Customer Record Bulk Export (UNL > AF)
Supplier Record Bulk Export (UNL > AF)
Connection Log
Transaction & Record Failed Export Log
Transaction & Record Re-Export Function
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